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CD D 176

CARTER SISTERS & MOTHER MAYBELLE The Complete Original Recordings 1949-1952. B.A.C.M. 176

Complete 1949-52 recordings from Maybelle Carter with daughters Anita, June and Helen, swapping vocal parts and instruments. As well as Maybelle's famed 'Clawhammer' guitar we hear Helen on accordion, Anita on bass and June on autoharp. Several tracks also feature young guitar virtuoso Chet Atkins. Most of the recordings reflect on religious, tragic or sentimental themes including re-recordings of 8 of the most popular songs from the Carter Family repertoire such as Wildwood Flower, I Never Will Marry and You Are My Flower.

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Track listing:

- Weep, Dear Willow
- (This Is) Someones Last Day
- Walk A Little Closer
- A Picture A Ring And A Curl
- The Day Of Wrath
- Ive Got A Home Up In Glory
- Blue Skies And Sunshine
- The Day They Laid Mary Away
- Dont Wait
- Down On My Knees
- Little Orphan Girl
- God Sent My Little Girl
- Willow, Will You Weep For Me
- Gotta Find Me Somebody To Love
- A Trinket Of Shiny Gold
- Ive Got My Share Of Trouble
- Columbus, GA
- Foggy Mountain Top
- Fair And Tender Ladies
- Suns Gonna Shine In My Back Door
- I Never Will Marry
- Wildwood Flower
- Hes Solid Gone
- You Are My Flower
- I Aint Gonna Work Tomorrow

Price: USD $22.00           

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My-Darling-is-Home-at-last (lead vocal, Anita)