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CD D 270

BLUEBIRD LABEL Classic Country Music. B.A.C.M. 270

Another delve into country music history, to bring you this fine mix of late 1930s-early ‘40s styles from Victor’s budget label.

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Track listing:

- Wind The Little Ball Of Yarn : Southern Melody Boys (Odus & Woodrow)
Craven County Blues : Rouse Brothers (Ervin, Gordon, Jack)
Mollie Married A Travelling Man : “Boots” & J.H. Howell
Over In The Glory Land : Hill Brothers & Willie Simmons
Whoa Mule Whoa : Hinson, Pitts & Coley
C & N. W. Railroad Blues : Byron Parkers Mountaineers
Goin Crazy : Johnson County Ramblers (solo: Paul Byrd)
Bum Bum Blues : Rouse Brothers (Ervin, Gordon, Jack)
What-Cha Gonna Do With The Baby : Happy Go Lucky Boys (Clyde, Steve, Hugh)
I Thought That Id Forgotten You : Carrie Mae Moore & Faye Barres
Only A Broken Heart : Steve Ledford & The Mountaineers
Down In Baltimore : Southern Melody Boys (Odus & Woodrow)
Love That Lies : Johnson County Ramblers
I Am On My Way To Heaven : Hill Brothers & Willie Simmons
The Story Of Adam : Pink Lindsay & His Bluebirds
Happy Go Lucky Breakdown : Happy Go Lucky Boys (Clyde, Steve, Hugh)
When The Cactus Blooms I’ll Be Waiting : Norwood & Mrs Tew
Bootleggers Story : Frank Gerald & Howard Dixon (The Rambling Duet)
Peanut Special : Byron Parkers Mountaineers
Call Me Back Pal Of Mine : Frank Gerald & Howard Dixon
When I Was A Baby : Four Pickled Peppers
Youve Gone And Forgot Me : Oliver “Socko” Underwood
The Girl That Worried My Mind : Boots & J.H. Howell
Farmer Grey : Hinson, Pitts & Coley

Price: GBP £13.00           

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01 Wind-The-Little-Ball-Of-Yarn (Southern-Melody-Boys & Odus-Woodrow. 1937)

17 When-The-Cactus-Blooms, I'll-Be-Waiting (Norwood & Mrs Tew. 1937)