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CD D 489


A unique once-off, quirky vocalist/songwriter/distinctive steel guitarist, Briggs is nowadays best remembered for his early ‘50s hit Chew Tobacco Rag, but his recording career goes back to the 1930s including playing steel with the legendary Hi-Flyers (eg: on BACM 406), early exponents of Western Swing. This CD features his recordings with the Imperial label between 1949 and 1953 – mainly up-tempo novelties, many jazz-tinged, just guitar, steel and bass but producing a solid, driving sound.

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Track listing:

- Waitress Blues
- The Waltz You Didnt Save For Me
- Handkerchief Full Of Tears
- Chew Tobacco Rag
- Its A Crime
- Mid-Nite Dreams
- Also Someone Else
- Female Shuffle
- Coyote Song
- Amarillo Rose
- Freckle Face - Snaggle Tooth Gal
- Dip Snuff Stomp
- Chew Tobacco Rag No.2
- Im Gonna Get Me A Bottle
- The Sissy Song
- Alarm Clock Boogie
- Honky Tonk Baby
- Sweet Sweetheart
- North Pole Boogie
- On A Country Road
- Full-Blooded Texan
- The Battery To My Heart
- The Grandest Thing On Earth
- Texaco New Mexico Joe
- Tell Your Ma And Pa
- On Top Of Pikes Peak
- Send Me Some Love
- Coffee Sippin Blues

Price: USD $22.00           

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