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CD D 664

BILL & NORMAN NETTLES. The Early Years 1937-1941 – BACM CD 664

Bill Nettles’ name remains better known than his brother Norman but early in their careers they performed as a team, billed first as the Dixie Blue Boys and later as the Nettles Brothers. In common with other vocal based brother acts of the era they featured mandolin (Bill) and guitar (Norman) but seem to have rarely sung as a duet. They developed a distinctive style usually incorporating bluesy fiddle. To quote from Kevin Coffey’s liner notes “Their style, while always unashamedly country and never abandoning basic early influences straddled the fence between rural tradition and more modern urban Influence. Their music, especially Bill's, was steeped in blues and, like most of those who catered to the jukebox demands of the era, also gave more than a nod to the emerging western swing bands”. Bill Nettles was an excellent songwriter and it is widely believed that Davis’ massive hit Nobody’s Darling But Mine was written by Nettles who sold the rights to Davies to meet an urgent need for cash. Our compilation presents 26 of their recordings, equally split between 1937 and 1941.

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Track listing:

Shake It And Take It
- My Cross Eyed Nancy Jane
- No Daddy Blues
- Oxford (Miss) Blues
- I Miss The Gal (That Misses Me)
- Where The Sweet Magnolias Bloom
- Early Morning Blues
- Louisiana Moon
- She’s Selling What She Used To Give Away
- Why Do The Women Love Men
- High Steppin’ Mama
- Big Shot Papa Blues
- Sugar Baby Blues
- Turn About And Swing
- Fannin Street Blues
- Howdy Do Blues
- Small Town Blues
- Dan The Banana Man
- I'll Never Worry Over You
- You Go Your Way I’ll Go Mine
- I Feel The Draft Coming On
- She’s Runnin’ Wild
- There’s No Use To Worry Now
- Beautiful Hawaiian Shores
- Shift Gears Truck And Go
- When I Go A-Courtin’ My Best Gal

Price: GBP £13.00           

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02 My-Cross-Eyed-Nancy-Jane (1937)

24 Beautiful-Hawaiian-Shores (1941)