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CD D 298

BENNY MARTIN Just Me And My Fiddle. B.A.C.M. 298

A man of many hats - singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist whose ability - especially on the fiddle was recognized by all. Hank Williams was a big admirer. These 25 tracks are mainly 1950s recordings.

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Track listing:

- Just Me And My Fiddle
- So Blue To Cry
- Untrue You
- If I Can Stay Away Long Enough
- Take My Word
- Who Put Those Tears In Your Eyes
- Yes Its True
- Im Right And Youre Wrong
- If I Didnt Have A Conscience
- Youre Guilty Darlin
- Do Me A Favour
- Hoebe Snow
- The Thirteenth Of May
- Tryin To Chase These Blues Away
- Girls, Girls
- Im Checkin Out
- Coming Attractions
- By The Law Of My Heart
- To Cry The Blues Each Day
- Goin Down The Road
- Top Gun
- Little Darlin Give Me One More Chance
- Thats What Ill Do To You
- Border Baby
- My Fortune

Price: USD $22.00           

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