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CD D 682

AUDREY WILLIAMS & The Drifting Cowboys. BACM CD 682

Not the world’s most tuneful singer but someone who played a key part in the history of country music as Hank Snr’s wife and manager and sometimes singing partner in concert and on record. Many of the tracks in our compilation have rarely been heard or re-released since the early 1950s and will be of especial interest to Hank Williams completists. Includes several of her Decca recordings from 1950 with Hank Snr on rhythm, Don Helms steel, Hilous Butram bass and Jerry Rivers fiddle.

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Track listing:

My Tight Wad Daddy
- Help Me Understand
- Slowly You Taught Me
- How Can You Refuse Him Now
- I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know
- What Put The Pep In Grandma
- I Like That Kind
- Don't Be Too Quick To Judge
- Honky Tonkin'
- Leave Us Women Alone
- If You See My Baby
- That's All I Want From You
- Making Believe
- Little Bosephus
- Livin' It Up And Havin' A Ball
- Ain't Nothin’ Gonna Be Alright No How
- I'll Let The Telephone Ring
- Let Me Sit Alone (And Think) Tornado Of Love
- Windows Of The Past
- Parakeet Polka
- Corn Crib
- Swing Shift Bounce
- It Wouldn’t Mean Thing
- Double Up And Catch Up.

Price: USD $22.00           

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05 I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know (Decca unissued)

14 Little Bocephus (Hank Williams Jnr) (MGM)