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September 19, 2022

September 19th. Remembering Skeeter Davis (December 30, 1931 – September 19, 2004). She enjoyed success both as “The Davis Sisters” with Betty Jack Davis and later as a solo artist, chalking up a series of distinctive crossover hits, including No. 1 “The End Of The World” as well as ”Lost to a Geisha Girl”, an answer song to Hank Locklin’s hit “Geisha Girl”, “I Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know” and “Homebreaker” – several of which are featured on our first BACM compilation. Several of her hits are on our Chart Memories series …

SKEETER DAVIS Lost To A Geisha Girl. B.A.C.M. 337

Country Music ~ Chart Memories – 1961 – (Vol. 1) CD 045

Country Music – Chart Memories – 1960 – (Vol. 1) CD 041

Country Music – Chart Memories – 1959 – (Vol. 2) CD 038

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