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March 26, 2022

26 March. Anniversary of country artist Hal Lone Pine (Harold John Breau, 5 June 1916-26 March 1977) who recorded both solo and with sometime wife Betty Cody. Sometimes cited as ‘Canadian Country’ although born in Maine, USA, much of his performing career was spent in Canada and the North East US. His prolific recording career included some hits (eg: ‘Tom Tom Yodel’ was a Canadian hit and ‘I Found Out More Than You Ever Knew’ reached number 10 in the US country chart) and he is also remembered for composing two popular and widely recorded Canadian country songs ‘When It’s Apple Blossom Time In Annapolis Valley’ and ‘Prince Edward Island Is Heaven To Me’. (ps: And for being the father of guitar maestro Lenny Breau who developed a unique style, blending jazz, flamenco and classical and also left his imprint on many country recordings as a session musician).


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