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June 13, 2022

June 13th. Remembering Jimmy Dean (August 10, 1928 – June 13, 2010), American country music singer and actor, best known for his recitation hits Big Bad John and PT 109. He was also a fine country vocalist as evidenced on BACM’s two compilations, CD 252 (early recordings before he hit big with Big Bad John) and CD 484 – more 1950s recordings plus some from the early 60s. His smash hits appear on various of our Country Memories series of year-by-year Country hits.

JIMMY DEAN Vol. 2 – Stay A Little Longer. BACM CD 484

JIMMY DEAN Find ‘em Fool ‘em Leave ‘em Alone. B.A.C.M. 252

Country Music ~ Chart Memories – 1961 – (Vol. 1) CD 045

Country Music ~ Chart Memories – 1962 – (Vol. 1) CD 049

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