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July 2, 2022

July 2nd. Birthday of Marvin Rainwater (July 2, 1925 – September 17, 2013), part Cherokee, American country and rockabilly singer/ songwriter who scored several crossover hits in the late 50s. Distinctive strong baritone voice; BACM’s CD 162 showcases 30 tracks from earlier in his career, mainly his own compositions. Includes his composition “I Gotta Go Get My Baby” which became a big hit for Teresa Brewer. Rainwater’s big hits appear on several of BACM’s companion series of country music hits (Country Memories):

MARVIN RAINWATER Tennessee Houn’ Dog Yodel. B.A.C.M. 162

Country Music – Chart Memories – 1957 – (Vol. 1) CD 029

Country Music – Chart Memories – 1957 – (Vol. 2) CD 030

Country Music – Chart Memories – 1958 – (Vol. 1) CD 033

Country Music – Chart Memories – 1959 – (Vol. 2) CD 038

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