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November 6, 2021

6 Nov. Birthday of hard core country singer and fine songwriter STONEWALL JACKSON (b. 6th Nov 1932). His early recordings were much influenced by his idol Hank Williams but he soon developed his own style and the hits followed including his massive crossover hit Waterloo in 1959. (Not on this CD but available on one of BACM’s Country Music Memories CDs. Most Popular Country Recordings of 1959, Volume 1 CD). Several of Jackson’s lesser known hits are featured, making this a fine hour’s listening for fans who enjoy the strong vibrant style of late 1950s country.

Country Music – Chart Memories – 1958 – (Vol. 3) CD 035

Country Music – Chart Memories – 1959 – (Vol. 3) CD 039

Country Music – Chart Memories – 1960 – (Vol. 1) CD 041

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