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February 26, 2022

26 Feb, Birthday of Fiddlin Sid Harkreader (Sidney Harkreader, Feb 26, 1898- Mar 19, 1988) , American Old-time fiddle player , vocalist and string band leader. Born in Tennessee, he was an early member of the Grand Ole Opry, where he regularly accompanied legendary banjoist Uncle Dave Macon as well as performing with his own band. Later performed with his own groups, always top musicians. Recorded for Vocalion and Paramount and continued to guest on the Opry through the 50s and 60s.

Here are his words introducing his autobiography:

“My mission, my desired goal, and joy in life is to give to the people my talent which I believe is the gift of God which he gave to me. It makes me feel so good inside knowing that God is with me wherever I play my fiddle before an audience. It seems that God is releasing all I have to give each time I play for people. I am thinking and praying that someday before I die, my hopes and prayers will be answered and that Ill go down in history as the greatest fiddler (by the help of God) in my profession, and Ill have the joy of knowing that I have, at least, made people happy along the way, and Ill never be forgotten.

I love people, I love music, and God made me that way. How can I lose? I hope someday I can be crowned the greatest fiddler, if not in this world, then in the world to come.”

(Nice words. Our thanks to Mark Brine and Hillbilly-music.com for bringing the quotation to our attention).

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