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February 20, 2022

20th Feb – Birthday of country crooner Mervin J. Shiner (born Feb 20th 1921), now forgotten but a superb talent. BACM’s CD 125 showcases the best of his recordings cut between 1949 and 1952; the earlier sessions have refreshingly different takes on a brace of current Hank Williams hits; other standouts are seven tracks from 1952 backed with Grady Martin and the Slew Foot Five (some nice signature guitar riffs from a young Grady) and some superb country ballads. Fine tenor voice who could slide into tto (Sweet Mama Blues, Slippin Around With Jolie Blon). An hour of enjoyable music, every track, for fans of early 50s, authentic stripped-down country.

MERVIN SHINER Steppin’ Out. B.A.C.M. 125

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