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December 20, 2021

20th December – anniversary of Johnny Marvin, (John Senator Marvin, July 11, 1887 – Dec 20, 1945) early hillbilly singer and ukulele player, brother of Frankie Marvin (BACM CD 003). The two brothers befriended a young Gene Autry and helped him get his first recording contract in 1929. Wrote or co-wrote many of Autry’s most popular songs including the much recorded Dust. Despite his musical talents and influence in the burgeoning hillbilly recording industry he is nowadays largely forgotten. BACM have released two CDs of Johnny’s recordings, covering both his early (1920s/early 30s) recordings, and his later and final recordings (1939 and 1940).

JOHNNY MARVIN I’m The Man Who’s Been Forgotten. B.A.C.M. 75

JOHNNY MARVIN Vol. 2 The Final Recordings BACM CD 549

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