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May 25, 2022

25 May – birthday of Ernest V. “Pop” Stoneman (25 May 1893 – 14 June 1968), old timey musician (vocalist and multi instrumentalist playing guitar, autoharp and harmonica) whose recording career began on the Okeh label in September 1924, the first session yielding his hit recording of The Titanic. Stonemen was one of the artistes recorded by Ralph Peer during the landmark Bristol Tennessee sessions in September 1927 which also included recordings by the Carter Family and  Jimmie Rodgers. The first period of his recording career ended in 1934 when he took a break of several years to raise his family before re-emerging in the ‘50’s and ‘60s as a country music patriarch leading his celebrated Stoneman Family band. BACM’s disc has a selection his early recordings, mainly from the 1920s.

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