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October 14, 2021

Kenny Roberts

14 Oct. Birthday of legendary yodeller Kenny Roberts (14 Oct 1927-29 April 2012). He joined the Down Homers in the early 1940s – a bunch of great talents, whose every member had to be a multi instrumentalist as well as fine vocalist. When called up for National Service was a replaced by a young Bill Haley, helping him develop his (Haley’s) own not-inconsiderable yodelling skills (kept well hidden when he went on to Rock & Roll fame a decade later!). BACM’s compilation showcases the many facet’s of Kenny’s music – country ballads, honky-tonk weepers, novelty songs and a couple of gospel numbers; many feature either his falsetto or full blown yodel. Several of Kenny’s recordings were featured on BACM’s two Down Homers albums, CDs 92 and 381.

DOWN HOMERS Vol. 2 The End Of My Roundup Days. B.A.C.M. 381

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