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June 1, 2022

1st June – remembering Shelly Lee Alley (6 July 1894- 1 June 1964), bandleader, songwriter, fiddle player and one of the early pioneers (c. 1922) of radio entertainment. Made some fine Western Swing style recordings from 1937 onwards, several of which have become collector’s items. A prolific songwriter, his credits include two Jimmie Rodgers hits, Travelin’ Blues and Gambling Barroom Blues as well as Little Home Of Long Ago first recorded by hillbilly duo Mac and Bob in 1932. Our BACM CD showcases 22 of Alley’s recordings with his Alley Cats between 1937-1941 plus five from later in his career.

SHELLY LEE ALLEY And His Alley Cats. B.A.C.M. 401

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