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The BACM Buddy Scheme

A win-win opportunity for dedicated country music collectors worldwide …
We owe a big thanks to our regular CD subscribers and are now calling them our archive Buddies (formerly “Preferential Customers”).

You can participate in the Country Music Archive project by becoming an archive Buddy – sign up to a bi monthly subscription and every 2nd month you will receive our three brand new CDs, fresh from the press. The subscription fee (payable every two months) including postage is just £19.50 for UK customers, €26.00 for the Eurozone and US$35 for the US and the rest of the world including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Over the course of a year this will add 18 quality CDs to your collection, across a wide range of country genres, from the 1920s through to the late ’50s and early 1960s. A great way to build a diverse collection of quality country music.

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The income from our Buddies guarantees us a fixed income stream to help maintain the archive (rent and overheads) and to support our ongoing work, sifting through the collection, cataloguing and researching and – every 2nd month – selecting artists and tracks for the three releases; plus the work of producing the three CDs. Much of the research is completed by our network of country music experts worldwide, contributing their time and expertise to the cause of preserving the music they (and we!) love for future generations.

As a mark of our appreciation, we regularly offer our Buddies special discounts for buying from the back-catalogue.

How to become an archive Buddy:

Customers in the UK – payments in £ sterling
Customers in the Eurozone – payments in Euros
Customers in th US and rest of the world – payments in US$