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December 2017

1st December. Hi everybody. The sound of Christmas carols and related songs are now filling the air in shops all over the world,  beating out the music so that it might increase their sales and profits. It’s the same wherever you go, everyone wants more each year, and the word money makes the fat cats grin from ear to ear. Here in the Archive, we've never set out to make money from the music, just to cover our costs and enable the show to carry on. I guess we’re lucky doing something w... Read the newsletter

November 2017

November 2017. “Howdeeee!” was how Minnie Pearl would introduce the Grand Ole Opry Show and would have the audience sitting on the edge of their seats repeating her words and getting into the mood to enjoy another night’s entertainment.   These people were dedicated to Country Music and they all knew the artistes and mostly all the songs that they would sing. Of course there would sometimes be new young singers making their first appearances at the Ryman, but they would always toe the lin... Read the newsletter

October 2017 Newsletter

In a flash it was gone - the England summer!  Well I’m told we had one, as I never saw much of it as I spend most of my days shut away amongst a record collection that has grown somewhat over the past few years.  Yes, once I go in, just after 7am I rarely se... Read the newsletter

September 2017 Newsletter

1st September. Saddest news of the month, the end of the line of one of the biggest stars in the country music circle, Glen Campbell. Not a pure Hillbilly or country music star but an amazing talent and one of the best guitarists of his generation.   Another sad passing, D.J. Steve Scott who used to assist Derek Taylor on his Country Roots show on radio Caroline. Derek says this was the final straw and he’s going to give... Read the newsletter

August 2017 Newsletter

Sad that another pioneer in the world of country music passed away last month.  Rodney McElrea was one of a whole string of devotees that published journals and magazines which were issued in the 60s. He and I never saw ourselves as competitors but as fellow enthusiasts who would happily share information and records during those years.Read the newsletter

July 2017 Newsletter

It seems just like yesterday that I was writing up the notes for the month saying that winter was ending and spring was in the air. Well, what happened to spring? We are now in the midst of the summer weather, don’t blink or you will miss it. I happened to be sitting in a place where music (if you can call it that) was being played on the radio. Within seconds I was completely bored with the electronic backing and the same l... Read the newsletter

June 2017 Newsletter

June 1st. Hi Everyone! Another month passes by and I sometimes feel I’m getting older quicker than anybody else but on the plus side I’m lucky to be really enjoying what I am doing every day, getting so engrossed with the music and still discovering new things.  Yes, I still come across names and ban... Read the newsletter

May 2017 Newsletter

May 1st. Holidays, the thing everybody has but me, it’s my own fault! I could shut everything down for a couple of weeks, but then I’d have a couple of starving cats to worry about and a lot of customers asking what has become of their CDs that they ordered whilst I was away. So I’m sticking to my guns and not worrying about going away, things are more important around here. Apart from the fact that going away means walking and a ... Read the newsletter

April 2017

April 1st. April Fools day and here’s hoping that if you’re doing a prank or at the receiving end it will be innocent fun like I remember when we were kids, what I like to call “The Good Ole Days”. We are very pleased with our three brand new CDs this month – some real treasures from the Golden Era of Country Music. It takes a lot of work, finding the tracks – around 100 a month, taking care to use ones that have not been released before by other companies. When we can’t find... Read the newsletter

March 2017

March 2017 Newsletter. Here in the archive I’ve had a very busy time cataloging a big collection of old time music that we’ve just purchased. From this we will be picking out some good items for future release on our CDs. We will certainly feature singers from various labels such as RCA Victor / Columbia / Regal Zonophone / Perfect / Bluebird etc etc. the list goes on and on. This music will certainly boost your collection as it has  mine. One of the first that we will be bringing yo... Read the newsletter

December 2016

December 2016. This being the last Chatterbox before the New Year we’d like to wish everyone that has supported us over the past fifteen years all the health wealth and happiness that we can give from the BACM, which includes all our sidekicks that have devoted their precious time to bringing back to life the old songs that have been dormant all these years… N... Read the newsletter

1st Nov 2016 Chatterbox

1st November. There’s certainly some truth in the song “Funny How Time Slips Away”. The past month is no exception to the rule, as we finally complete our three CDs and I get around to posting them to our customers, but then have to immediately focus on the problem of wh... Read the newsletter

October 2016

October 2016. Here we go again as another month has slipped by. Everybody wants a nice summer but these last couple of months have gone over the top, at least, for us in the South East of England. I keep wishing now that we’d get a little shower or two to help the weeds grow, then I bet I’d soon be complaining again. We’ve just heard the sad news of the passing of Jean Shepard, she was 82 and one of the finest country female voices that ever graced the turntable or stag... Read the newsletter

Sept 2016

September 2016. Hi Everyone!  During the next few months BACM will be putting out CDs on various subjects and we will welcome your suggestions on tracks to include. Four of the subjects we are considering are:  CATS, DOGS, MOTHER and  FATHER (DAD). The tracks must be recorded before 1963. So, over to you please, all you country music enthusiasts and collectors – let’s have your suggestions. Of course we have our extensive database of son... Read the newsletter

August 2016

1st August. I wrote this mostly in mid July, when I was already putting the finishing touches to the August CD releases.  Yes, we were a little early this month due to holidays etc and  I mana... Read the newsletter

Chatterbox- July 2016

1st July. Hi Everyone, Let me first start off with wishing everyone a marvellous summer or if you’re in a different part of the world where it’s now winter we hope the clouds will soon roll by and let some sunshine in. You’ve all had it too good, now it’s our turn, brief as it may turn out to be. Read the newsletter

June 2016

June 2016. Hi Everyone. As I’ve said before, the older you get the quicker the months go by and this month was no exception to the rule.  Our main visitor for May was Don Cusic from the Belmont University in Nashville where he is Professor of Music Industry History. This is the thirteenth year that he has honoured us with his... Read the newsletter

May 2016

May 2016 - Hi again everyone. Yet another month has bitten the dust, one which  bringing us to May, almost halfway through the year. The month of April saw the passing of one of the greatest Country artists that  ever  graced our turntables. Yes at only 79 years old, Merle Haggard said his goodbye to the world.  He started his journey into the world of Country music with a few songs on the obscure Tally records label but his talent could not be held back and we was soon signed up to after a ... Read the newsletter

April 2016

April 2016. I was just sitting down to write my monthly notes when I became aware that the three letters that stand for the Archive of Country Music (ACM), also stand for three things my life has evolved around -  Art, Cricket, and Music. Much of my working life was spent in the art world of London from the 1950s to the millennium; the sport that I enjoyed most from schooldays to my forties was cricket, and to top things off I’ve always enjoyed collecting country music, no matter what form it... Read the newsletter

February 2016

Feb 2016. Well, here we are well into a new year and another has slipped into the past never to come around again. I find myself looking back through my life … the war days and school days, then the courting and sporting … then thinking how lucky I have been to have survived! Also reflecting on the different styles of music we listened to over the years and how much music has changed including Country. I think back to the different styles of music that we were listening to and how they ha... Read the newsletter

January 2016 Newsletter

Jan 2016. I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas and maybe had some moments to sit back and listen to some of our music  we have issued during the past 14 years. Yes, it’s been that long now, but hopefully many of you agree with us it has been well worth it. I remember well that when Brian and I first started this venture we both thought that a few dozen CDs would take care of the good quality country music recorded before 1962. This proved not to be and here we ar... Read the newsletter

December 2015

December 2015. I never have been a fan of December, It’s been taken over by companies trying to sell things that you don’t need or presents for folks who don’t need them either.  Here at the Archive we might invest in an new box so that Buddy the Cat can have a nice comfortable place to scratch in  - but we know it won’t last long, he gets  through our empty boxes at a rate of knots. But, back to the musical side of things, as the years slide by, so many of the names you were assoc... Read the newsletter

November 2015

1st November. The months are slipping by so quickly, especially now when the nights draw in and the time falls back an hour making the evenings even darker. Even so, there's a good side as it means I can open up in the morning in daylight, instead of fumbling around looking for the right key to open the door and get inside to  the peace and quiet of the archive. And yes it usually is really quiet becau... Read the newsletter

Oct 2015 Chatterbox

October 2015. We’ve passed the 500 mark! Yes this month is special for us, after producing three CDs a month for 13 years, we’ve reach Number 500, every of them still in the catalogue and available. A great deal of thought goes into every CD we produce, not only selecting the tracks but finding a copy good enough to put into the CD.  We have a great network of friends/ Old Time... Read the newsletter

Sept. 2015

September 2015. What makes a man go out of his way to do a favour for another? This happened to us here at the archive when having bought a rather large item to be posted from the Midlands we found out that it was collect only.  I telephoned one of our Archive buddies who lives in the Midlands and without a minute’s thought he offered to  pick it up  and deliver to us here in Dover. The one connection we had was our love for country music – and with appreciation ... Read the newsletter

August 2015

August 2015. A couple of weeks back we had another visit from Al Turner & Phil Tricker, country enthusiasts and serious collectors and the very people who have making possible our Starday Custom Hillbilly collections – see below for details on the latest ( Volume 8!)  Then on the same day Don Cusic from the Belmont University in Nashville came by for one of his regular visits. A busy day it turned out to be, always good to find time to talk with friends and  share stories and news about ... Read the newsletter

July 2015

July 2015. I’m going to kick off with an appeal – if any of you have spare copies of old time magazines from the 1940s / 50s that you wish to sell (or loan the archive to be photo copied for our files), please drop us a line. We are after magazines like COWBOY SONGS ,  COUNTRY SONG ROUND-UP,  PICKIN’ MAGAZINE,  SONG & SADDLE,   MOUNTAIN BROADCAST & PRAIRIE RECORDER ,  NATIONAL HILLBILLY NEWS – or  COUNTRY MUSIC JOURNAL; or any similar magazines.  If you have some, let me ... Read the newsletter

June 2015

June 2015. Another month has flown by and we’ve managed once again to produce our three new CDs on schedule; we thought for a while we were well in  advance but then had some problems with the new printer  - we battled on and all is well; three cracking new  releases, which will be posted out on time to our regular customers. We had one disappointment this month when we discovered that a company which we trusted has been ripping off our CDs and putting their own name on them. This is on ... Read the newsletter

May 2015.

May 2015. Hi Everyone. The glorious scent of summer is in the air and the Archive door is wide open letting out the stale air of the winter months letting the new spring air flow in.  A lot of reconstruction has gone on over the past months here and filing systems have been updated so that it’s a lot easier to find the items we want inside a few minutes. It would get a bit frustrating at times when I’d go to the database, look something up and then find the record isn’t i... Read the newsletter

April 2015

April 2015. Hi Everyone. “Here we are again”, as Barnacle Bill the Sailor said, leaving behind us March madness and taking in the April Fools. March was a hectic time for us piecing the three new CDs together and thinking in advance what next to bring out for your entertainment in the months ahead. In the spare moments that came my way I’ve been busy clearing space to make more room for the ever expanding collection of music that dribbles over our door. Much of it from the 1930s and ear... Read the newsletter

March 2015.

March 2015. Hi Everyone, I must say that the last few weeks have been pretty busy with one thing or another, but we’ve struggled through it all and we’re here again with another three CDs which look to me to be pretty good, thanks to Kevin Coffey and the dynamic duo of Phil & Al (Tricker) who between them have supplied music for all three of the CDs this month. What would we do without them? Completing the CDs was a challenge but we mustered through and got there in the end. Phil and Al ... Read the newsletter

February 2015

February 2015. Hi Everybody.  Well here’s my little piece to go with our February releases. So far in this part of the world it’s been wet and frosty but luckily no snow. We are all looking forward to spring and long hot summer days! Once in days long gone by there was a young girl from Essex whose big loves were country music and  riding horses. I first heard her name from my friend George Haxell who published the first Country Music Journal in Great Britain – he mentioned this girl ... Read the newsletter

January 2015

January 1st 2015. WELCOME TO THE NEW YEAR -2015 is here so we can at last close the door on 2014 and start again!  That’s the idea anyway, not so easy in practise but still, we cannot change the past but the future is in our hands. Here at the Archive, our New Year’s resolution is to continue our mission to rediscover lost treasures  and excavate and produce another 1,000 or so country tracks for the 36 collectible CDs we’ll produce for your enjoyment durin... Read the newsletter

December 2014

December 2014. Hi Everybody. Well here we are again at the festive season and it doesn’t seem like a year ago that I was figuring out what to say to all our good friends who had supported us over the past twelve months. Life at the archive over that time has had its ups and downs but we’ve managed, continuing our tradition of creating three new CDs of collectible country music each month. That’s a total of 36 new CDs and a lot of hard work which we  hope has brought  a l... Read the newsletter


November 2014. Hi everybody. Firstly, a warm greeting to all our new Archive Buddies – welcome to the fold and I do hope you will continue to enjoy our monthly ‘Surprise package’ of three new CD releases for many years to come. And to all our customers new and old, a reminder that  we always welcome suggestions for future releases. We hold around 600,000 tracks in our vaults and when looking for others we call on our network of ... Read the newsletter


October 2014. Sad news to hear of the passing of George Hamilton IV who did so much to spread country music around the world, including here in the British Isles with his many tours and appearances at Wembley festivals over the years.  I met George several times, the last at the American Embassy a good 10 years ago. We had a chat and he promised to drop  by the next time he played in Folkestone, but he never did again. I found him more than just polite he was a real gentleman. I ha... Read the newsletter


September 2014. Hi Everybody. Over the past few weeks I’ve had a new friend awaiting me when I turn up at the Archive each morning, ready to start unlocking the  doors. He knows nothing about country music or recording but he’s there with a friendly purr and we’re really getting along fine together. Mainly because he hasn’t had any breakfast. Once sorted, he gives me a reward in rolling over at my feet and trying hard to trip me up whenever I walk anywhere. My granddaughter has n... Read the newsletter

August 2014

August. We've had a bit of a sample of what summer should be like, but then today it’s pouring down with rain, and there’s plenty of work to be done in our entrance area with leaks all over the place that need attending too. Nice to get a bit of rain to help the vegetables grow.

But on to Country Music ... we heard too late to let you know that Jimmy C Newman had passed away in our l... Read the newsletter

July 2014

 July 2014We were very lucky in having an old friend and his wife from Melbourne Australia visit us this month. Denys & Pauline Williams have been in the record trade for donkeys years and on the way to the USA  they came by the UK for a rockabilly weekend at a holiday camp near to u... Read the newsletter

June 2014

June 2014. Hi Everyone. Well it doesn't pay to be late with anything and last month we were showered with letters, emails and telephone calls from as far away as Japan asking whether our monthly CDs were late or had they been lost in the post. Well to tell the truth we were just late, partly because I had medical appointments that held things back and then when I had everything ready to post, there was a bank holiday. That’s over with and this month we seem to be back on time, ready to ... Read the newsletter

May 2014

May 2014. Another month passes by and for me one bit of sad news in April was that Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith has passed on. What a brilliant instrumentalist!!!, they just don’t make ‘em like that in today’s world. No one will forget his “Guitar Boogie” which came out on MGM records way back in 1948. Due to this hit, guitar makers Fender brought out their famous “Broadcaster” Guitar which was later changed to the Telecaster. Every band had to have one, in pop as well as count... Read the newsletter

April 2014

Hi Everybody, Well it’s that time of the month when I sit down and write a few words to you, customers and friends and supporters of the Archive. It’s a way for me to keep in touch both with those of you I’ve met and those I know only through your messages including those who send me a note with their orders or with their monthly dues for the new CD releases. There are even some regulars whom I can tell who it’s from the moment the envelope comes through the letterbox. Some write to s... Read the newsletter

MARCH 2014

March 2014. “Hello again, we’re on the radio again!”  How many times did we hear that introduction in the Radio Days just after the war? Yes, I'm off again, reminiscing about the good old days, but for people of our age, we deserve the right to sometimes sit back and look back to the good times of our youth and the music that meant so much to us then and still does now. We might be a dwindling band, us old timers who remember and understand the music of the 30s – 50s  but i... Read the newsletter

February 2014

February 2014. Once again the days have slipped by so quickly, for January never seemed to end when I was younger. Nowadays, every month I hear the sad news of another of our country favourites passing away or a friend that has been given a few weeks or months to live. I feel so lucky that I have reached the age that I have without that dreaded moment. Come to think of it seriously, I missed the war in the 40s by being so young, I missed the Korean war but did my national service just a... Read the newsletter


Yet another year has passed by – and once again we’ve managed to fulfil our promise to keep unearthing great music from Country’s golden era for country music collectors and enthusiasts around the world. Every month, three new ones – just as we’ve done every month for the past 12 years. So, the 36 releases in 2013 brought us to No. 435! Now onwards to 2014!  We will continue, despite the long hours and 7-day weeks, because we love the music and believe great music, like all good ... Read the newsletter

December 2013

December 2013.  For those that don’t personally know us, we are a small company, basically it’s me, my old buddy Brian Golbey – who looks after the artwork and cleaning up the acoustics for each of our three monthly releases sound – plus Barry who helps with the admin. Plus our network of friends around the world who help with things like research and liner notes or maybe searching through their own collections to help us find ‘missing’ recordings . Here’s a word on this... Read the newsletter

November 2013

November 2013. Last week I went to a reunion of pals from my cricketing days,  many of us meeting up for the first time since playing together some 40 years ago and we thoroughly enjoyed digging through our reminiscences including  matches and incidents still fresh in the memory after all those years.  Soon all these  stories will be lost forever and even if someone were to find some musty old scorebooks in an attic somewhere, they would mean nothing to anyone. All the fun was in play... Read the newsletter

October 2013

October 2013. I sit here in the archive at times wondering what will become of the world in some 50 or even 10 years from now. Technology is going so fast now,  it hardly gives anyone time to get used to the latest and most up to date gadget before it becomes out of date and sometimes useless. I know the technology is exciting and can help make life better and easier but I sometimes wonder how folks of my era are supposed to keep up with it – although I do come across some who can - fo... Read the newsletter

September 2013

1st Sept 2013. When I first heard the sound of real country music I was oblivious to the multitude of acts that were performing in the USA at the time. I thought that there were only a dozen or so, the ones we were hearing on the country music radio shows – like Radio Luxemburg and AFN (being broadcast from Germany at the time). How wrong I was! I later discovered there was lots of country talent out there, and many great acts were never making it onto the station playlists. And amazi... Read the newsletter

August 2013

Hi Everyone, Well the weather we’ve all been waiting for has come at last, although many are saying that we now need rain for the gardens & crops. There’s no pleasing some people is there, but I’m saying that I’d rather be here in the good old UK than those places in the world that have big extremes in temperature. One bit of news, we’ve decided to re-brand ourselves as The Country Music Archive – Incorporating The BACM (British Archive Of Country Music). It... Read the newsletter

June 2013

As time goes by (rather quickly it seems at my age) I like to think I have a good sense of what our customers will and won’t like. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case and I was completely wrong about your opinions on the Whitey McPherson CD that we issued last month.  Instead of everyone moaning that it wasn’t country as we all know it, but more like jazz, I had only one complaint. Instead, your letters suggest that most of you really enjoyed it, especially the early tracks recorded... Read the newsletter

May 2013

MAY 2013. “Spring, Spring Beautiful Spring”, That’s the title of an old Carson Robison track that we put out on CD 177. It makes me chuckle every time I hear it.  All those people like myself who try to grow vegetables  every year and when they are ready for picking find out that everybody else is trying to give them away at the same time. But, there’s nothing like picking your own which have been hand reared all through their early life. Well this is not the Adam The Gardene... Read the newsletter

April 2013

Early April 2013. OK, I was wrong, Springtime is not on its way, it’s over there in the “Rockies”, and that’s too far away for the likes of us old “billies” in the UK. I’d give just about anything to walk out of the archive here in a shirt sleeve shirt and not feel the cold right now, but I’m here writing this to you all with my hands around a cup of tea and a mouth full of biscuits. The weather, well it has nothing at all to do with Country music except in... Read the newsletter

March 2013

Early March 2013. Hi All, Well, country music CD time has come a little quicker, three days earlier than usual to be precise. Yes the month of February is always a little shorter but with the weather being as it was it seems like two months joined into one. I was talking to a friend in Australia the other day and saying how I envied him there basking in the summer sunshine, but he told me it wasn’t all roses & violets there, the humidity at times was very high and th... Read the newsletter

February 2013

Early February 2013. Hi There, We may be a little early with our February releases but timing always depends on how well it goes in getting all the biographical information — photographs and the number and quality of the tracks that we've included on this month's CDs. After that it's all in the hands of the printing machine being good for another month and the fleetness of the postman. Every month we encounter a delay in some department along the line but fingers crosse... Read the newsletter

January 2013

Early January 2013. Hi Everyone Well, all that shopping for presents that hardly anyone wants is now over although there's still the January sales to contend with. I hope you all had an excellent Christmas & New Year, as for once it was very quiet just the wife and cat. We had no visitors thank goodness and I spent the day watching a couple of films that I'd seen so many times before and the cricket from India which was perhaps the most exciting, if you enjoy that sort... Read the newsletter

December 2012

Early December 2012. Hi everyone... A very good day to you all. Well this is the last chatterbox of the year and we have now put out a total of 399 CDs since we started just over ten. years ago, so that makes it just about 3 CDs a month or a total of over 10,000 songs that have hardly seen the light of day on CD before. Well that's a few man hours but when I look back, it's all been worthwhile as not only have I gained a lot of knowledge on country / old time music, I have... Read the newsletter

November 2012

Early November 2012. Hey, another 30 odd days have slipped by bringing us earlier nights and cold winds. Good job that I work indoors surrounded by the wall-to-wall insulation of CDs, LPs and 78s. What a good job they make keeping the cold out! I'll start with a rather a sad tale that happened to a friend of mine. No names, but he was the world's' biggest collector of Roy Orbison music. After being made redundant from the music publishers where he had worked for many years... Read the newsletter

October 2012

Early October 2012. Here we are back again after another four weeks of trying to find another seventy or so songs for this months CDs. Thank goodness we have some excellent sidekicks to help us out each month. I don't think that we could run along as we have been doing for the past ten years without their help. There are some collectors who will keep their collections entirely to themselves and others who are willing to help out with whatever problems we come across. Those... Read the newsletter

September 2012

Early September 2012. Hi Everybody It's so good to be able to write yet another few words of dribble to you all. During my life I've been rather lucky by having reasonable health and jobs that I loved doing. I've never won anything worthwhile and I feel that it’s all been through hard work and doing the things that suited my style. Since my last letter to you all I had a blockage of the heart and was lucky enough to get to hospital before the dreaded stroke or attack ... Read the newsletter

August 2012

Early August 2012. Hi Everyone, As the summer months disappear for yet another year I'm wondering,  did it ever arrive or did it just pass by without a blink or wink?  We just may have a few days when we can take our coats off. As I believe I said in my last chatterbox Brian was away for nearly the whole of July and by the time you get this, hopefully he will be back to the grindstone again churning out another three CDs for you all. Well, this month I'm sending yo... Read the newsletter

July 2012

Early July 2012. Howdy Doodle everyone. Well, since the last time I put a few words on to our chatterbox letter, quite a few things have happened. Firstly I was taken to hospital In the early part of the month, which set things back quite a bit. Luckily I had the July releases ready to send out due to the fact that Brian Golbey had been going on holiday so we had got a bit ahead of ourselves. Maybe it was all the extra exertion trying to get two months into one that set th... Read the newsletter

June 2012

Early June 2012. Hi Everyone Time for another get together, and a new bunch of CDs from us at BACM. Holiday time always disrupts the even flow of getting our usual package to you at the same time each month, but we have done our best and worked ahead of ourselves to get ready not only the June releases but the July ones as well. This gives me a little spare time to out the Archive in order, as there was a steady build up of CDs, LPs, tapes, photos, letters and emails to wa... Read the newsletter

May 2012

Early May 2012. Howdee. I'm so pleased to be here, as Minnie Pearl used to say every time she made her entrance on to the stage. Well, the audience applauded her every time for a performance that was very similar to the last. She hardly ever changed her act and yet remained as popular from her first performance till her last. Her jokes were heard time after time but the audience applauded as if they were the first. What other person can say that over a long career? That's ... Read the newsletter

April 2012

Early April 2012. Hi All, Yes, it's come around again for another batch of BACM CDs. I'm hoping that you'll enjoy these as much as you did last month’s. I did mention in the last Chatterbox about South African recordings. Well, as I expected, we barely had any response at all. Tony Russell did mention that there were a handful of songs recorded mostly in Afrikaans but didn't know the artists who recorded them. As I said last month the only one I know of was Joseph Mar... Read the newsletter