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December 2018

1st December. Well, here we are at the end of the year again with Christmas looming up and festivities bringing smiling faces across the world. A month or two back we sent Freddie Hart some copies of our new CD, FREDDIE HART – The Whole World Holding Hands, but then got the sad news he had passed away before receiving them. However he had seen and given his approval to the CD cover. A true gentleman and a friend of BACM; he will be missed and we send our condolences to his family and friend... Read the newsletter

Nov 2018

1st November. Just as I was patting myself on the back and jumping for joy over there not being any mistakes in last month's releases, I get a call from Kevin Coffee telling me we’d used the wrong photograph for the cover shot on Billy Hughes.  I had used a pic of Charles Starrett the film star who was in so many B Westerns back in the good old days of the Saturday morning picture house.  I am truly sorry! We’ve now sent out replacement covers – hopefully to everyone who had the wrong on... Read the newsletter

October 2018

Oct 1st. Can it really be October already? We’re going to have to get our “Superman” boots on if we can complete another six CDs out for you before Christmas! Thank goodness we have such a great team pulling out all the stops - selecting the new songs, researching the artistes and putting together the cover designs etc. Mostly this is now routine but finding new tracks does get more difficult; in theory there are millions of recordings out there awaiting our selection, but putting, say 25 ... Read the newsletter

September 2018 Newsletter

1st September. There has been a lot of controversy over the years as to certain artists saying that they are country, but their music has little or nothing in common with what most of us would recognise as real country music. Of course they don’t care, just as long as their style of music sells well and might bring them into the pop market. Some of them, the only thing I see as ‘Country’ is their hat. But many of the great country stars of yesterday sometimes turned to pop music during the... Read the newsletter

August 2018 Newsletter

1st August. Another month and another 80 or so recordings dug up from the archives for our three new CD’s. Remember we welcome suggestions for future releases, just drop me a line. Remember our ‘ground rules’ are – must be out of copyright, so nothing post 1963 and we try to avoid recordings already issued on other labels where possible so collectors won’t finish up with lots of duplicates. As well as preparing the new CDs I’ve been busy designing a printed BACM CDs Catalogue whic... Read the newsletter

July 2018 Newsletter

1st July 2018. Another milestone, this month the release of our 600th BACM disc. And we made it a couple of days early, thanks to Brian postponing his holiday which also gave me a bit of respite to not only complete the new CDs but also put up more shelving here to help get things in some sort of order for our big collection and growing collection of 78rpm records. This is now done so I'm started on our three next month's (August) CDs which are coming along well – as well as s... Read the newsletter

June 2018

1st June. The months certainly slip by these days.  Looking through our mailing list of a few years back we find a good few of our amigos are no longer with us. I am reminded of this every time I get to label the envelopes to post the coming month’s CDs to our subscribers.
I consider myself very lucky in being too young to fight in the last war, and for not having to fight in my two years of National Service. When I was demobbed in 1957, the ... Read the newsletter

May 2018

May 1st 2018. I will begin with telling you about our CDs for the month of May. First we have BONNIE LOU Vol. 2. Bonnie began her career as a down home country songstress appearing on radio in 1941, aged 16, as "Mary Jo, the Yodelling Sweetheart", her style modeled on Patsy Montana. This Vol 2 focuses on the mid 1950s when country singers were forced to go crossover to maintain their living just as Presley and  Bill Haley had a just a few years earlier. Not ... Read the newsletter

April 2018

April 2018. I’ve always known the month of March as the month in which there are signs of the spring in the air. Well here we are and at last winter is behind us which brings me to start thinking of the jobs outside that have been neglected over the past few months. But there is still the important matter of the old time music that keeps me busy and sane every month. Good news for the Archive as we’ve had yet another collection of LPs donated to us. The only trouble with this is that we a... Read the newsletter

March 2018

March 2018. Running the reissue of rare country recordings takes quite a bit of money and effort and we depend on our customers to keep supporting us by buying our CDs. We’re a small outfit, not out to make big bucks, just enough to pay the bills. What inspires us is our love for the music and the encouragement of country music enthusiasts around the world who keep telling us how much they appreciate what we are doing. So, maybe take a look through the catalogue and select a few you think migh... Read the newsletter

February 2018

February 2018. Here we are in the midst of winter, fortunately for us down here near the White Cliffs Of Dover, we have had no snow whereas areas of the north are well covered by that dreadful white stuff. It’s okay for kids with no school and plenty of playtime in which to enjoy themselves but at my age I’d only have to look at it and would probably fall over. This cold snap gave me a chance to put together some more ideas for our CDs. Plenty to choose from, but believe m... Read the newsletter

January 2018

January 2018. Here’s hoping that you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I’m afraid that I’m not a big fan of Christmas holidays as I don’t  like crowds where everybody is swarming through the shops like they are crazy and mothers shouting at the top of their voices at their noisy children, and so many people with those infernal telephones stuck in their ears.  After a bout of Christmas shopping I breathe a sigh of relief when I get home and finally hit my favourite arm c... Read the newsletter

December 2017

1st December. Hi everybody. The sound of Christmas carols and related songs are now filling the air in shops all over the world,  beating out the music so that it might increase their sales and profits. It’s the same wherever you go, everyone wants more each year, and the word money makes the fat cats grin from ear to ear. Here in the Archive, we've never set out to make money from the music, just to cover our costs and enable the show to carry on. I guess we’re lucky doing something w... Read the newsletter

November 2017

November 2017. “Howdeeee!” was how Minnie Pearl would introduce the Grand Ole Opry Show and would have the audience sitting on the edge of their seats repeating her words and getting into the mood to enjoy another night’s entertainment.   These people were dedicated to Country Music and they all knew the artistes and mostly all the songs that they would sing. Of course there would sometimes be new young singers making their first appearances at the Ryman, but they would always toe the lin... Read the newsletter

October 2017 Newsletter

In a flash it was gone - the England summer! Well I’m told we had one, as I never saw much of it as I spend most of my days shut away amongst a record collection that has grown somewhat over the past few years. Yes, once I go in, just after 7am I rarely see the daylight again until around 4pm. But it’s what I enjoy, solving the mysteries of the country music recording industry rather than working outside in hot weather, or inside at a boring office job somewhere. It does sometimes get fru... Read the newsletter

September 2017 Newsletter

1st September. Saddest news of the month, the end of the line of one of the biggest stars in the country music circle, Glen Campbell. Not a pure Hillbilly or country music star but an amazing talent and one of the best guitarists of his generation.   Another sad passing, D.J. Steve Scott who used to assist Derek Taylor on his Country Roots show on radio Caroline. Derek says this was the final straw and he’s going to give... Read the newsletter

August 2017 Newsletter

Sad that another pioneer in the world of country music passed away last month. Rodney McElrea was one of a whole string of devotees that published journals and magazines which were issued in the 60s. He and I never saw ourselves as competitors but as fellow enthusiasts who would happily share information and records during those years. It was like being on a treasure island with all of us looking for those elusive record gems. Of course we all knew of Jimmie Rodgers and his yodelling skills, but... Read the newsletter

July 2017 Newsletter

It seems just like yesterday that I was writing up the notes for the month saying that winter was ending and spring was in the air. Well, what happened to spring? We are now in the midst of the summer weather, don’t blink or you will miss it. I happened to be sitting in a place where music (if you can call it that) was being played on the radio. Within seconds I was completely bored with the electronic backing and the same line being sung over and over again.  Have the public that liste... Read the newsletter

June 2017 Newsletter

June 1st. Hi Everyone! Another month passes by and I sometimes feel I’m getting older quicker than anybody else but on the plus side I’m lucky to be really enjoying what I am doing every day, getting so engrossed with the music and still discovering new things.  Yes, I still come across names and bands I’ve never heard of – leading me into researching them to find photographs and life history. I then might start hunting for tracks to see if there’s enough  to fill one of our CDs. ... Read the newsletter

May 2017 Newsletter

May 1st. Holidays, the thing everybody has but me, it’s my own fault! I could shut everything down for a couple of weeks, but then I’d have a couple of starving cats to worry about and a lot of customers asking what has become of their CDs that they ordered whilst I was away. So I’m sticking to my guns and not worrying about going away, things are more important around here. Apart from the fact that going away means walking and a 100 yards at tortoise rate is about as far as I can go witho... Read the newsletter

April 2012

Early April 2012. Hi All, Yes, it's come around again for another batch of BACM CDs. I'm hoping that you'll enjoy these as much as you did last month’s. I did mention in the last Chatterbox about South African recordings. Well, as I expected, we barely had any response at all. Tony Russell did mention that there were a handful of songs recorded mostly in Afrikaans but didn't know the artists who recorded them. As I said last month the only one I know of was Joseph Mar... Read the newsletter