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Country Chat - November 2017

November 2017. “Howdeeee!” was how Minnie Pearl would introduce the Grand Ole Opry Show and would have the audience sitting on the edge of their seats repeating her words and getting into the mood to enjoy another night’s entertainment.   These people were dedicated to Country Music and they all knew the artistes and mostly all the songs that they would sing. Of course there would sometimes be new young singers making their first appearances at the Ryman, but they would always toe the line and keep it country.

Yes Minnie Pearl was quite a character and although her act was mostly the same for every show, the audience loved it even if they had heard her jokes a hundred times or more before.  It was something to brag about to their neighbours when they returned to their homes after a weekend away. “What did you do  this weekend” ?  “Oh we all popped down to Nashville for the Grand Ole Opry”.  Attending the Opry was the most exciting thing, seeing in person the stars they were hearing on radio every week, sometimes queueing  for hours to get a glimpse of them or if you were lucky an autograph or two.  The stars of those days spent many hours after every show meeting and talking to their fans. Something which is missing in today’s generation.(With a few exceptions).

Veteran Country broadcaster David Allen, now a healthy 77 years old was commenting about not being able to get the music of the Golden age into CMP, but I assured him that there are still a few of us, companies still putting out new CDs of music from the good old days when country was country. And there are still some old timers around who remember what real country music sounds like – and even a few of the younger generation who get tired of the sameness and commercialism of what gets called country nowadays.

Anyway, on to this month’s three new productions. We start off with the great bluegrass musician Hylo Brown, who brought bluegrass to new audiences in the late 1950s and early 1960s when the ‘Folk Revival’ was in full swing. We’ve selected 26 tracks, mainly recorded around 1962 – one of those great voices, nobody could accuse him of not being anything but 100% country!

Secondly we at last got around to compiling a CD by Autry Inman. This should please quite a few because we have had customers ask for him . Autry Inman had a good singing voice and could change it to suit any style that was hitting the high spots in Cash Box, Music World or Billboard magazines every week. A good performer but never had the big time hits.

Kevin Coffey has been working very hard on our third CD with a selection of great songs by the Texas Rangers Volume 2., here you’ll find a mixture of Cowboy and Pop songs sung in a nice easy way as you’d like to hear them. The majority of these were taken from transcription discs and very rare and hard to find.

As next month will be Christmas month yet again, and once again we will be offering our special ‘Near half price’ back-catalogue offers to our regular subscribers (Archive Buddies), including special prices for  our Country Music – Chart Memories series.
Well, here’s wishing you all good health & good luck and here’s hoping you are enjoying the music!

The BACM BOYS,   Dave – Barry & Brian.  & the usual sidekicks that make us tick. > > >