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Country Chat - Nov/Dec 2020

November 2020. How is it that folks in this era of computers and electronics can be so stupid? Here we have a situation with coronavirus that the world has perhaps never seen before and yet people still go about without a face mask saying to each other that how they wish they could get back to normal. How do they expect to do that? Again I believe it’s the younger generation thinking that they know better than anyone else.
Mind you older folks can be a bit stupid too – I remember once a customer return a CD, saying that it was too small to play on her (vinyl) record player!
But back to the better things in life, like our new releases. This month we start of a mini series of the songs of Jimmie Rodgers recorded by other performers of the era. Firstly, we feature Gene Autry, who must be at the top of the pile to have recorded such songs. We will in future bring you a lot more songs and a lot more artists who featured music in the style of the great Jimmie Rodgers, songs that will always be top of the Country Charts, Yes still after 90 years.
Secondly we go to the late 50s/early 60s to crossover artist in the Pop field as well as Country,  an entertaining CD by Del Reeves. It seems that there was a period in his life when he didn’t know which road to take and which depended on his record sales. Luckily enough for us all he took the Country Road and produced some fine songs during his career.
We’ve not done a lot of cajun collections so let’s make up for this with a compilation of fine 1930s cajun by one of the pioneers, Leo Soileau and his Four Aces. Here you’ll recognise a lot of the songs as old timey favourites, sung of course in Cajun style with great fiddle playing by Leo. Hard to believe these were recorded some 80 to 90 ago. It’s a bit like Marmite, folks either love cajun or hate it. It’s not my own favorite genre but in small doses it can be rather enjoyable and a change from strict old time country.
Producing only three CDs instead of six every two months gives me a lot more time to catch up with other work around the archive, such as cleaning up and reordering the place, adding titles to our database and other bit and pieces, all keeping me plenty busy. Amazed to find we have way over a thousand books on country music here – I’ve read a lot of them and not sure I’ll have time to read the rest. But there’s plenty , all waiting to extend their knowledge to some music lover somewhere in the world.
We’ll be introducing a new series of CDs for your enjoyment shortly. Can’t reveal details yet but I can tell you it won’t be billed as strict country nor Blue Grass or anything remotely in the style you are accustomed to. So watch this space! They will be available to Archive Buddies at £6.00 each Post Free, Other Non Archive Buddies will have to pay the full price of £12.00 each for them. USA $19.00 Post Free .
Meanwhile we are already preparing our next three BACM CDs – including the next collection of Jimmie Rodgers songs recorded by another artist; hoping to get them out  shortly after the Christmas festivities, (Maybe a little sooner)
So please keep yourselves safe by adhering to the health restrictions and keep yourselves happy with listening to the music from the Good Old Days. It’s got to be the best in this world of musical madness.
We’ll be seeing you “In all the old familiar places”, I hope

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