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Country Chat - March 2018

March 2018. Running the reissue of rare country recordings takes quite a bit of money and effort and we depend on our customers to keep supporting us by buying our CDs. We’re a small outfit, not out to make big bucks, just enough to pay the bills. What inspires us is our love for the music and the encouragement of country music enthusiasts around the world who keep telling us how much they appreciate what we are doing. So, maybe take a look through the catalogue and select a few you think might tickle your fancy. The catalogue is fast approaching 600 CDs so BACM gives you a great way to build up a country collection including rare tracks from the early days.

If you’re not already one, maybe consider becoming one of our regular subscribers (our Archive Buddies)? For a fixed monthly payment they each month get our three new CD’s – at roughly half the regular price. A monthly surprise packed of three CDs through the letterbox! Our buddies are also entitled to occasional special offers, discounts to buy from our back-catalogue. Those of you who are already subscribers – a big thank you!

To those of who, like me, are of senior years, do care and look after yourselves. We are constantly hearing of our friends having a fall or breaking a hip or arm and ending up in hospital. We do not want to lose a customer, and the music certainly doesn’t want to lose a fan!

So on with the music for March.

CD 587 brings you more of that old honky tonker himself Buddy Jones, with able backing by none other than Moon Mullican on the old piano. You just don’t get any better than that.

CD 588 Is by Texas Jim Lewis with his famous Hootinannie contraption that really brings out a load of rhythm plus a lot of odd sounds from his wonderful backing band. A few other groups had a similar machine but none played it better that Texas Jim.

CD 589 belongs to Jimmie John Fullen, a vocalist with touches of Webb Pierce or Hank Locklin fronting a great hillbilly band. Not a lot of his music exists on CD, so I think we may well be one of the first to bring something out by him. We hope you enjoy them anyway.

If these CDs arrive to you a little later than normal you can blame the weather or the postal service as whilst I am writing this it’s below freezing and all our water has frozen.

In the unlikely event that a CD has a fault, let us know and we will replace. As our guidelines say, our CDs are guaranteed for as long as we release Old Time Music CDs and we will replace without question. We had a problem with the machine last month and one batch was faulty – I think we caught it in time, but a few might have slipped through.

One obvious thing – we won’t replace fakes! Somebody somewhere is taking straight copies from our CDs and selling them on. Here at BACM we go by the old Gene Autry saying ‘You play fair by me and I’ll play fair with you’ – something the forgers wouldn’t understand.

Best from us all,


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