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Country Chat - July 2018 Newsletter

1st July 2018. Another milestone, this month the release of our 600th BACM disc. And we made it a couple of days early, thanks to Brian postponing his holiday which also gave me a bit of respite to not only complete the new CDs but also put up more shelving here to help get things in some sort of order for our big collection and growing collection of 78rpm records. This is now done so I’m started on our three next month’s (August) CDs which are coming along well – as well as spending a bit of time rearranging things; one day visitors will be able to walk in the building without stepping over things or crashing into a wall which I’m sometimes doing as I get to lose my balance in these days of uncertainty as to which foot goes in front of the other.

So straight on to this month’s releases. Just two at present … a third is in the pipeline and be ready shortly.

CLAYTON McMICHEN – The Legendary Fiddler Vol. 3. BACM CD 599.
Another fine collection we’ve put together from the legendary master of the fiddle; some historic recordings, some of them made around 90 years ago. A big thank you to Kevin Coffey for all the hard work including the research and liner notes. Here you’ll hear some great old songs that have stood the test of time; some are a little bit corny but some are rip roaring fiddle tunes that people used to dance to at square dances and shows. A pure old-timey CD for the collector. The more it’s played the more you’ll get into the rhythm of old time fiddle and get your clogs into action.

CARLISLE BROTHERS The Early Post War Years BACM CD 600.
Secondly, more thanks are due to Kevin Coffey, who not only came up with the idea – getting the pick of the Carlisle Brothers output from the 1946/7 period onto CD – but he also did the hard work on the research and notes. These are all recordings from 1946/7 when King Records were making headway in the land of Country Music. Based in Cincinnati they pressed records for most minor labels in the region and held up a wonderful catalogue on Country / Jazz/ Blues and Pop music. This was all run by Mr Syd Nathan a stern old man at the helm. A period in which Country actually sounded like country music!

Apologies for the delay in getting out the thirds CD but anyway, here’s hoping you will find something to enjoy in this month’s releases, so I’ll say just say goodbye and so long for now.

Dave and the other BACM Boys, Brian & Barry,
along with all our friends in the BACM network of country collectors and experts who help us so much with producing BACM CDs for you.

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