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Country Chat - February 2019

1st February. It’s back to normal right now with the holidays over with for a while. The supermarkets and travel companies keep reminding us that it’s not the case as they rummage around getting either their Easter goods on sale or updating their holiday brochures to dig more hard earned money from your pockets. They don’t miss a trick do they?

However, here at BACM we are plugging away unearthing new songs and artists for you to add to your collections. We are always thrilled to receive letters from country fans thanking us for our efforts, saying they like discovering new things about country music history or finally rediscovering some song they listened to years ago. Music from this era is just not available at the price we charge for CDs.

But it’s not all straightforward. We’ve had another annoying month thanks to a hacker getting into the website and trying to mess it up. Thankfully our tech experts sorted it out and have put in some extra security. Why do those idiots spend their time trying to mess things up for other people? Do they think it’s funny to do such a thing? We try to give a service to our country music friends at the lowest price possible for our CDs. We don’t go around the country upsetting people or doing dirty tricks, we like to be as friendly as we can as we all enjoy the same things in life.

February’s three new releases are a treat for fans of 1950s country music with some good but obscure acts from the era.

First there’s Bill Dudley – a big fan of Hank Williams, as you will hear from his voice. At first we had almost no information about him apart from basic stuff gleaned from old magazines, like who he was married to and how many children he had together with his location in the USA. But Kevin Coffey got to work doing the research and managed to write some informative details on the liner notes (thanks too to Kent Heineman). We recommend this as pure late fifties sound, typical of the sounds us over 75s were raised on!

Our second CD is by the Singing School Teacher, Arlie Duff. Here on the other hand, a great deal is known of him, thanks to publicity that Starday used on his big hit of You All Come. There’s a nice bunch of songs, not too long but giving you nearly 70 minutes of pure pleasure. The song of You All Come made Starday Records to be a great force in Country Music during the fifties when Don Pierce was at the helm. Arlie Duff also made a penny or two the deal.

Third in the line this month # 622 CD, features The Hooper Twins, who were so identical – in looks and voice – they got introduced on shows as ‘Bud and Bud’ and the name stuck. Very obscure but I am sure you will be pleased to discover these rare tracks. It’s amazing what a great sound they made and their sessions had the cream of the Houston scene like steel guitarist Herb Remington and guitar ace Hal Harris band others. We’ve even managed to dig out two of their radio shows from 1957, featuring their takes on several of the popular country standards of the era – Fraulein, Tangled Mind and Faded Love for example. Also an excerpt from an outdoor concert at Magnolia Gardens, a popular outdoor concert spot on the banks of the San Jacinto River. More thanks are due to Kevin Coffee for all the painstaking work making this release possible.

I must mention that at the time of writing this I heard of the passing of Maxine Brown of the famous Trio “The Browns”. I do not have the full details at the moment but we give our consolations to her family and friends. There goes another of our kind into the sunset, we give our thoughts to all the family with thanks for all the happy moments she gave us during her lifetime alongside of Jim Ed and Bonnie.

If you don’t already know we have a series of the top 100 Country songs for the years 1957 to 1962 inc. These have been assembled by Barry Farnes our partner here at the Archive. Archive Buddies can buy these at half price! Check the website for details.

So we come to the end of yet another month, or the beginning of the next in bringing you rare songs and instrumentals from the BACM Archive. We hope that you enjoy our selection from over the past 17 years, surely the very best way to build a collection of authentic country music from it’s golden era.

Y’All Take care now,