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Country Chat - February 2018

February 2018. Here we are in the midst of winter, fortunately for us down here near the White Cliffs Of Dover, we have had no snow whereas areas of the north are well covered by that dreadful white stuff. It’s okay for kids with no school and plenty of playtime in which to enjoy themselves but at my age I’d only have to look at it and would probably fall over. This cold snap gave me a chance to put together some more ideas for our CDs. Plenty to choose from, but believe me, it takes a lot of work; this month we went way back in time and had to dig up some 80 year old recordings – no easy matter, finding ones in good enough condition! Big thanks to various intrepid collectors around the world who helped out.

Our selection of music on our CDs varies quite a bit this month. Starting with one of the earliest artists in our kind of musical madness we have Pop Stoneman – finally makes his entrance to our label, with a great selection of old time tunes. In fact they were already quite old time when he was singing them, so that gives you an idea just how old the originals may be. When playing them, please remember they were not recorded in the plush modern studios of today. These are coming up to 100 years of age when the techniques of recording were at their infancy.

Secondly The Frontiersmen enter our catalogue. They were one of the best in country harmony and deserve a listen and place in the history of Country Music. They were an easy listening group with pleasant songs at their fingertips. Hal Southern was the composer of Hillbilly Heaven along with Eddie Dean – that great song from the 50s which name checks all the good and great of country music. We don’t expect big sales of this CD but at least it’s there in our catalogue for anyone to choose .

For our third CD we introduce Rusty Wellington who was born in Canada but moved to the USA at an early age. Personally I don’t think you’ll find a better voice than his anywhere, a bit similar to that of Hank Snow, maybe it’s the Canadian accent that draws them together. Tex Ritter was a fan and early in Rusty’s career it was Tex who encouraged him, telling him to keep at it and stay in the music business. We are all grateful that he did and here’s a selection of his music for you to enjoy.

A big thanks once again to all our customers. We do our best to give you a great selection of fine and rare country recordings to add to your collection and bring you enjoyment. Music of this kind has to be shared, otherwise it will finally be lost in time or in some inaccessible collectors loft or cellar. We realise that we are only a small cog in the wheel of Country Music but putting our efforts with others keeps the wagon rolling along.

Only one disaster this month. Our website has been hacked – and we had to burn the midnight oil trying to get it sorted out. Finally done and we have doubled up on the anti-virus protection to keep it safe and hassle free in the future. It beats me why these hackers spend their time creating nasty computer viruses which cause other people so much trouble.

On the plus side, this month we’ve not heard of more friends or performers passing on. We could all do with a time capsule which keeps us in the era we all enjoyed most during our lives, I expect you all have them, one in which you had no worries and life was great. Oh! for one wish in a lifetime. I think mine would have been to have one of the great western film stars walk into our archive, Someone like Gene Autry or Tex Ritter but I’ll settle right now for the chance I had in meeting them both.

Looking ahead for the March releases, yes we are working on them now as the February issues come to an close, We’ll have at least one old time honky Tonk CD and another with a few good cowboy songs for you to enjoy, I won’t say who they are as I know some Buddies like the surprise of seeing what they are when opening their monthly packet.
Well it’s goodbye for another month and we’ll be seeing you again in March, “If the Good Lord’s Willing And the creeks don’t rise” I wonder how many times that has been said?

DAVE, – BRIAN, – BARRY. And everyone else that plays a part in putting OTM first.

PS. We all wish Mr Steele well, as he has been in hospital for the past 8 weeks but still enjoys his Archive Buddy CDs from us each month. Get well soon. THE BACM BOYS.

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