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Country Chat - December 2017

1st December. Hi everybody. The sound of Christmas carols and related songs are now filling the air in shops all over the world,  beating out the music so that it might increase their sales and profits. It’s the same wherever you go, everyone wants more each year, and the word money makes the fat cats grin from ear to ear.

Here in the Archive, we’ve never set out to make money from the music, just to cover our costs and enable the show to carry on. I guess we’re lucky doing something which we enjoy and which brings a lot of enjoyment to country fans throughout the world. But working here is like living in a time capsule, nothing changes except the artefacts – and me – getting a bit older each year.

On behalf of Brian Golbey and Barry Farnes (fast learning the ins and outs of country music!) we want to say a big thanks to those all those who put so many hours of work all through the year.  People who know the music inside out, such as Kevin Coffey, Bryan Chalker, Al Turner, Phil Tricker, Tony Byworth, Tony Russell, Robin Jones and a whole host of others who help to keep the ship afloat.

Our Christmas card this year comes from the hands of Brian Golbey on which you’ll find our champion mouse catcher Buddy who has made the archive his home for the past few years. It’s gone out to all our Buddies (our regular subscribers), as an appreciation of their loyalty. Nearer the day we’ll also put it on the webpage and  onto our FaceBook page.

A new addition to our Buddies is Alan Cackett who has put in a lifetime of work to promote Country music with his festivals and columns throughout the past 50 odd years.  We are fast becoming one big family who enjoy the sounds of the country. This is the only way the music will survive, for when we hit the trail to Boot Hill, others will follow and continue the work that we have given a good start to.  Neither must we forget the original artists who played the music for us to enjoy. I must say it’s been a pleasure working alongside the great old names, many of whom corresponded with us over the years..

So on to our final three new releases for 2017.

CALLAHAN BROTHERS Take The News To Mother BACM CD 578 > > >