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Country Chat - October 2017 Newsletter

In a flash it was gone – the England summer! Well I’m told we had one, as I never saw much of it as I spend most of my days shut away amongst a record collection that has grown somewhat over the past few years. Yes, once I go in, just after 7am I rarely see the daylight again until around 4pm. But it’s what I enjoy, solving the mysteries of the country music recording industry rather than working outside in hot weather, or inside at a boring office job somewhere.

It does sometimes get frustrating though like when I search for information on a rare performer and nothing comes up. Like now I’m looking for someone who recorded as “Rex Turner” on the Varsity and Royale labels back in the 50. Trying to dig up his past, nothing comes up even after I’ve tried about a dozen collectors around the world, none of them have anything. Was the name he used, a pseudonym; If so why was he trying to cover up his name? Was he an artist under contract to another company. I certainly didn’t recognise his voice when I played his music. I have a small photograph of him but he certainly didn’t dress to look like a Country singer. A lot of the songs he sang were covers of the Country hit parade so he might have been a pop singer, trying out his luck on the country hits.

Well, that’s one of the things that has slowed us down this month, getting the three October CDs ready. They won’t include this “Rex Turner” – I’ll keep it in reserve for a future month, hopefully having got somewhere in the search for information. So I’d appreciate it if you’d all get your thinking caps on and help us in anyway you can on this.

Anyway, on to our releases for October.

First of all we have Western Swing by the great Leon Selph and the Blue Ridge Playboys. Virtually none of his stuff has been released in CD so fans of Western Swing will appreciate and enjoy this selection of 26 recordings that we have accumulated for you.

Our second choice for the month is a compilation of various artists from West Texas and Panhandle areas of the great state.. These were selected by friends of BACM, Al &and Phil who always pull out the stops when something is wanted. We used a good few from the Time Label and making up the numbers with songs from Tred-Way / Flair and Queen. A decent selection on this CD, including more from Billy Briggs’ left overs from the CD we did on him a year or so back.

For the third choice of CDs, we have is by Wayne Johnston. He was playing in the El Paso area of Texas. Kevin Coffey has helped put together these rare recordings and live performances from Radio shows of the 50s. You’ll find the quality of these fairly good for items that were recorded well over 60 years ago.

By the way, before I forget, there might be a slight delay in getting the November CDs ready as Barry will be away on holiday for two weeks so I will have no one to turn to in case of a breakdown in the production line. So, I ask our subscribers to please be patient next month, if the usual ‘Surprise package., three new BACM CDs hot from the press don’t arrive promptly around the first of the month!

We regularly get suggestions from customers for artists for future CDs. This is helpful and we do keep these suggestions in mind although we have to keep within our rules – like, for copyright reasons, we can only include recordings made pre 1963 – and we try to avoid recordings already released by other specialist companies.

That’s all for now, take Care.

Dave, Barry and Brian, the BACM Boys – and the rest of the team whose hard work and dedication is much appreciated.

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