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Country Chat - November 2019

Hi Everyone, We’re back to the wet and dismal days of November and with summer it’s always nice to get back inside and put your feet up by the fire and listen to some real good music, country music in my case.
Barry is back from holiday and Brian is getting back to his old self again, but finding it hard coming back to the old routine, step by step is the way
Without so much as a stutter here are the releases for November, hopefully not late, as I’m writing this in mid October.

Not many of today’s generation have had the chance of hearing Ricky Riddle before, so we have gathered up a handful of his songs to make up for all those missing years. I must admit that I wasn’t very familiar with him at all, but then I’m glad I had the choice to select a couple of dozen or more of his songs which will grace any collection.

Following that we have an old stalwart by the name of Ted Daffan and his Texans to contend with. This is our second volume of his music that we have produced with songs that haven’t had exposure. Like many of the bands of this era there was a multitude of vocalists who travelled around with the band. This CD is no exception and please, look at the tray information to see who does what and when. Thank you.
Our final CD is produced by Kevin Coffey and includes music from the San Diego area. Kevin, being American and from the Fort Worth area himself digs deep in various areas of the USA to find the names that were entertaining in the Bars, Honky Tonks and Dance Halls throughout the great South West and surrounding States during the post war years. You have to be aware that a lot of the music involved is very rare and possibly not commercially recorded. So lend your ears to the thrill of it all bouncing along the air waves and getting the population to forget the tragedies of WW2 and starting anew without their loved ones. We’d like to pay a tribute to all the musicians the world over who gave their lives for the sake of Good over Evil. We are still listening to your voice and music whenever we can. BACM tries very hard to see that you are not forgotten even after 70 years or more.

I’m sure that there’s a lot more to say but I’m not a fellow of long speeches or even short ones, so take good care and we’ll return in December, hopefully with another 75 songs or more to tease you with, and maybe to add to your collection. Thank you one and all for keeping behind us along the way.
Dave, Barry & Brian the BACM Boys, plus our band of country friends who support us, keeping real country alive and kickin’.

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