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How to become a BACM Buddy (Eurozone)

[Eurozone customers – payments in Euros]

Please send an email with the subject: Archive Buddy to Dave Barnes giving your name, full postal address and telephone number.

We prefer Eurozone customers to pay the bi monthly €26 by PayPal. You will need to first set up a PayPal account; then, once you receive your CD package, simply sign into Paypal, choose SEND MONEY from the top menu, enter the AMOUNT (26 euros) and, in the TO box, enter our email ( and click “Send”.

If for some reason you are unable to pay by PayPal, please contact us to discuss alternative methods of payment.

As an Archive Buddy you will receive a package each 2nd month containing the three new CDs, along with an invoice. To save on postage, the CDs are sent in plastic wallets and not in jewel cases (which you can buy in bulk on the internet at low cost). We accept returns if a CD is faulty or damaged — then it will be replaced without question.

It helps us if you pay promptly. If for some reason your payment will be late, please let us know. Otherwise, if we have not received payment by the time the next batch of CDs is due to be sent, we may have to hold them back – so you would never be in debt to us at any time for more than €26.

As Gene Autry once sang, “Play fair with me and I’ll play fair with you”. We have done our best to hold prices down for you our loyal customers and our recent increase from €22 to €26 (for three CDs) was our 2nd in 18 years – despite the year by year increases in Royal Mail prices.

You can opt out of being a Buddy at any time by writing to us or emailing.