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The Team

Farmer  and dog


[David Barnes] – Archivist and owner. He is a Kentucky Colonel, awarded for services to Country Music.

[Brian Golbey] – The Archive’s music restorer & designer. A veteran country musician, and recording artist, he too is a Kentucky Colonel.

[Barry Farnes] – Business manager and provider of valuable everyday technical support at the Archive!


We mention here with thanks our great bunch of sidekicks who support us in so many ways …

Derek Taylor –  BACM’s Assistant Archivist, Press & Publicity Officer and Book Reviewer. Derek is also a popular DJ and hosts his weekly Archive Americana Roots Country Show on Radio Caroline on Monday evenings.

Robin Jones – our webmaster who led the development of the website and created the content; and does the ongoing updating and maintenance; he also maintains our FaceBook presence.

The country music experts who help with research and drafting liner notes. Too many to mention but they include long time contributor Kevin Coffey, a wizard at finding details on obscure old time recordings and who writes excellent notes and supplies us with tracks for some CDs. And former Mayor of Bath Bryan Chalker, a regular writer for our notes. Big thanks to them and to those missed here.

Collectors – who have donated CDs and records and in many instances saved the day by supplying tracks to fill the gaps for our new CDs; of these, especial thanks to long time collectors Phil Tricker & Al Turner who never hesitate to help, digging into their collections providing rare tracks and valuable information. We have a variety of other collectors who get in touch at times with ideas and suggestions for future CDs, all appreciated.

At the Archive … our regular mailman and builder of the Archive is David Carr.

Sandi Golbey is much appreciated for her contributions over many years, nowadays doing great work on each month’s three new CDs including knocking the text into shape for the liner notes.

We are also grateful to Michael Jones for his hard work and technical expertise developing the website (Release 1.0 in mid 2013 and Release 2.0 in late 2014). Appreciating too the recent hard work of Arran Farnes who took over Michael’s role in late 2017 and added new functionality (Release 3.0).

And to our retail affiliates and all our customers and especially our Archive Buddies (“Preferential Customers”) whose monthly payments are so helpful in sustaining the Archive.

To all of you, many thanks for your continued support, helping us in our work preserving and promoting the traditional country music that we treasure.