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427-Wiley Walker and Gene Sullivan
CD D 427

WILEY WALKER & GENE SULLIVAN – Live And Let Live. B.A.C.M. 427

Their "When my blue moon turns to gold" composition has become a country standard but their recordings have been overlooked in recent decades. However, they were top favourites on Texas radio stations back in the 1930s and 40s and this selection from the vaults, 20 of their Okeh and Columbia recordings, shows why. As a bonus, we’ve included tracks from two of their radio shows.

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Track listing:

- Little Rubber Dolly
- I'm Tired Of Mountain Women
- Wednesday Night Waltz
- Texas Duster
- He Looks So Peaceful Now
- Lola Lee
- South Plains Blues
- You Married For Money
- It's Only A Matter Of Time
- Live And Let Live
- I Just Don't Want To Be Happy
- Somebody Knows
- Watching And Waiting
- I'm Tired Of Saying We're Through
- How Does One Forget
- Love Always Has It's Way
- You Little Sweetheart You
- I've Stopped My Dreaming About You
- All My Tears Have Dried
- No Hope For You No Love For Me
- Radio Show No. 1
- Radio Show No. 2

Price: USD $16.00           

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02-Tired-of-mountain-women (1940)

20-No-hope-for-you-no-love-for-me (1947)