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CD D 267

WEBB PIERCE Tupelo County Jail. B.A.C.M. 267

Up there with Hank Williams as one of the all time great country singers with an instantly recognizable sound, here is a selection of 26 recordings from the 1950s showing why the man is so highly rated.

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Track listing:

- So Used To Loving You
- I'll Always Take Care Of You
- Bow Thy Head
- The Old Country Church
- You Just Can't Be True
- Mother Call My Name In Prayer
- Bugle Call From Heaven
- You're Good For Nothing Heart
- We'll Find A Way
- I'm Really Glad You Hurt Me
- Someday
- Don't Do It Darlin'
- How Long
- Cryin' Over You
- You'll Come Back
- Tupelo County Jail
- Falling Back To You
- I'm Letting You Go
- Sittin' Alone
- I Care No More
- Who Wouldn't Love You
- I'm Gonna See My Baby Tonight
- If Crying Would Make You Care
- You Know I'm Still In Love With You
- A Thousand Miles Ago
- What Goes On In Your Heart

Price: USD $16.00           

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