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CD D 232

WALTER HURDT & The Singing Cowboys. B.A.C.M. 232

With an instantly recognizable distinctive sound, a high energy string band with sophisticated harmony, popular in their era but nowadays sadly largely forgotten. From deep in the Archive shelves and restored, here are 29 of their recordings mainly from the 1930s.

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Track listing:

- Double Trouble Blues
- Two Timing Mama Blues
- I'm Ridin' Now
- The Hobo Blues
- Fiddle And Guitar Runnin' Wild
- Playing Around
- Fox Hunter's Luck
- Hold Him Down Cowboy
- I'm A Straight Shooting Cowboy
- To The End Of The Trail
- My Brave Buckaroo
- Down The Arizona Trail
- Rhythm In E
- Guitar Rag
- I'm Through With Women *
- I've Always Loved My Old Guitar*
- My Skinny Sarah Jane *
- Carry Me Back To The Blue Ridge *
- Train Special (Orange Blossom Special)
- Think Of Me
- She Won't Pay Me No Mind
- I'm Drinking My Troubles Down
- Cause My Baby's Gone
- Blue Skies Above
- Fisherman's Daughter
- The Old Gold Coast
- Truck Driver's Blues
- What If My Dreams Don't Come True
- Honeysuckle Blues > > >

Price: USD $16.00           

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29-Honeysuckle-Blues (instr.)