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The Tennessee River Boys CD 417
CD D 417

The Tennessee River Boys (Two different groups!). B.A.C.M. 417

There has long been much confusion amongst collectors arising from these two groups, both doing fine Bluegrass and using the same name. Paul (Boswell) and Roy (Pryor) were both registered blind and played guitar and mandolin respectively, recording on Mercury and Pace. The other pair, Curtis McPeake (5 string banjo/guitar) and Benny Williams (fiddle, guitar, banjo, autoharp, and mandolin) were both sometime members of Bill Monroe’s legendary Blue Grass Boys.

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Track listing:

- The Tennessee River Boys - Paul Boswell & Roy Prior

You're All Alone Tonight
- Spring Of Love
- You've Been Cheatin' On Me Darlin'
- I Was Only Pretending
- The Shape My Heart's In
- You Made The Break
- The Way You Lied To Me
- Don't Ever Tell Me
- Wicked Love
- Flower Of Old Tennessee
- I'm Lost Without You
- Meet The Lord Half Way
- There Will Be No Disappointments
- Every Dog Must Have It's Day

The Tennessee River Boys - Curtis McPeake & Benny Williams

Bluegrass Music's Really Going To Town
- Angel Band
- Log Cabin In The Lane
- Rocky Road Blues
- Live And Let Live
- Footprints In The Snow
- Muleskinner Blues
- The Master's Bouquet
- Gathering Flowers From The Hillside
- Blue Moon Of Kentucky > > >

Price: USD $16.00           

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04-I-was-only-pretending (Paul & Roy, The Tennessee River Boys)

23-Gathering-flowers-from-the-hillside (Curtis McPeake & Benny Williams as The Tennessee River Boys)