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CD D 77

THE DECCA 5000 series Classic Country Music. B.A.C.M. 77

A fine mix of 30s/40s recordings, including from Riley Puckett and The Carlisle Brothers, from the great Decca 5000 "Hillbilly" series.

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Track listing:

- I Am Just What I Am : Homer Briarhopper
In 1992 : Bill Cox
Bile Dem Cabbage Down : Clayton McMichen’s Georgia Wildcats
Out On The Desert : Kelly Family (Jerry & Ramon)
Broken Heart : Carlisle Brothers
Pretty Quadroon : Happy Jack Turner
Sugar Babe : Hugh & Shug’s Radio Pals
When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain : Four Aces with Leo Soileau
Pray For Me Mother : Frank (Luther) & Buddy Ross
His Last Words : Ralph Hodges Dixie Vagabonds
My Carolina Sunshine Girl : Rice Brothers Gang
Take Me Back To My Carolina Home : Riley Puckett
Jessie’s Sister : Cliff Bruner & Texas Wanderers
Sunshine Alley : Stuart Hamblen’s Covered Wagon Jubilee
Married Woman Blues : Louisiana Strollers
Mistreated Blues : Leon’s Lone Star Cowboys
Oh By Jingo, Oh By Gee : Dave Edwards & Alabama Boys
Down Del Rio Way : Red River Dave McEnery
T. For Texas : Texas Ruby
Prairie Dream Boat : Tex Owens & Texas Rangers
Mother The Queen Of My Heart : Carolina Buddys (Womble & Love)
You’re A Flower Blooming In The Wildwood : Edith & Sherman Collins
Listen To The Mocking Bird : Curly Fox with Joe Shelton
New Crawdad Song : Log Cabin Boys (Frankie More & Freddie Owen)
Don’t Dig Mother’s Grave : Leon Scott & Claude Boone (Elk Mountain Boys)
On The Good Old Santa Fe : Mack (McCravy) Brothers
Lulu’s Back In Town : Ross Rhythm Rascals

Price: USD $16.00           

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01-I-Am-Just-What-I-Am (Homer Briarhopper)

You're-a-Flower-Blooming-in-the-Wildwood (Edith & Sherman Collins)

CDs by Bill Carlisle, Bill Cox, Carlisle Brothers, Clayton Mcmichen, Cliff Carlisle, RICE BROTHERS, Riley Puckett, Tex Owens, Texas Ruby, Various-Decca Label

Riley Puckett Vol 3-CD590-150
CD D 590

RILEY PUCKETT Vol. 3 The Cat Came Back BACM CD 590

By popular demand, a third BACM compilation from this great blind musician, early country recording artiste with a hauntingly beautiful full baritone voice and delightful and influential guitar style featuring finger picks and heavy bass runs. A nice selection of classic old timey and popular songs given the Puckett treatment.

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Clayton McMichen Vol 1 81

January 4th. Clayton McMichen. Death

More details            Price: USD $16.00           

Bill Cox-568-150
CD D 568

BILL COX – The Dixie Songbird – BACM CD 568

26 tracks, many of them not previously issued on CD from Cox, one of the best of the white country blues singers from the late ‘20s/early ‘30s era. An accomplished yodeller in the Jimmie Rodgers style he was also a solid guitarist and could play fine bluesy harmonica. Several tracks feature him duetting with singer/ guitarist Cliff Hobbs.

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CD D 563

THE MELOTONE LABEL – Various Artists. BACM CD 563

Another treat for collectors of classic hillbilly music, 25 tracks released between 1932 and 1937. Artists ranging from the obscure to the legendary, the latter including Bill Carlisle, a young Elton Britt and rare early tracks from Patsy Montana and Tex Ritter. Several songs in the Jimmie Rodgers country blues style.

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CD D 551

Tex Owens – Red Horse Ranch 1935 BACM CD 551

Several Tex Owen recordings were featured on our Texas Rangers CD 285 including his historic 1934 recording of Cattle Call, a song which helped earn his early induction into the Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame. An accomplished yodeller, he sadly recorded very little commercially, and we are delighted to be now issuing this new compilation, 40 songs and instrumentals taken from the radio serial Life On Red Horse.

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CD D 167

THE CARLISLES Tennessee Memories. B.A.C.M. 167

Brothers Bill and Cliff had sung together as 'The 'Carlisles' back in the 1920s, but Bill formed a new group with the same name in the mid 1950s, following Cliff's retirement. Here are 26 recordings from this mid '50s period, many of them humorous and some bawdy,

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CD D 142

CLAYTON McMICHEN The Legendary Fiddler Vol. 2. B.A.C.M. 142

Another selection of brilliant recordings by one of the all time great fiddlers; 20 tracks recorded from 1927/39 in a variety of line ups which feature some of the most brilliant country musicians of the era.

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CD D 117

RICE BROTHERS GANG King Cotton Stomp. B.A.C.M. 117

Combination of Western-swing and popular music from the 1930s/40s; 25 tracks including three fine instrumentals. features Hoke and Paul Rice; the latter composed the evergreen hit You Are My Sunshine, selling the rights to Jimmie Davis for just $35.

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CD D 115

RILEY PUCKETT Gonna Raise A Ruckus Tonight. B.A.C.M. 115

22 more songs (see BACM 040) from this legendary singer/guitarist. On several of these 1934-39 recordings he is accompanied by various old time bands/groups.

More details            Price: USD $16.00           

CD D 81

CLAYTON McMICHEN The Legendary Fiddler. B.A.C.M. 81

The old time fiddler is showcased on these 24 recordings from between 1926 and 1939, either as soloist or accompanist. Vocalists include Riley Puckett, Slim Bryant and Bob Miller

More details            Price: USD $16.00