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CD D 238

SUE THOMPSON Angels Cry. B.A.C.M. 238

Well known for her pop-novelty songs, here is a selection of 24 Decca and Mercury output from the 1950s, proving she had a great voice for a country song.

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Track listing:

- Walkin' In The Snow
- Come A Little Bit Closer
- Red Hot Henrietta Brown
- I Think I'll Eat A Tadpole
- You Belong To Me
- I'll Hate Myself In the Morning
- Take Care My Love
- I'm Not That Kind Of Girl
- If You Should Change Your Mind
- I Was Just Walking Out the Door
- Gee But I Hate To Go Home Alone
- How Many Tears Make An Ocean
- You're Getting A Good Girl When You Get Me
- Oh Baby What've You Got
- Junior's A Big Boy Now
- You're An Angel On The Outside
- Things I Might Have Been
- You And Me
- Say It With Your Heart
- I Long To Tell You
- Donna Wanna
- Last Night I heard Somebody Cry
- If You Want Some Lovin' Just Let Me Know
- Angels Cry

Price: USD $16.00           

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