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CD D 337

SKEETER DAVIS Lost To A Geisha Girl. B.A.C.M. 337

Fine collection from 'End of the world' hit girl Skeeter including superb version of Wynn Stewart's "Wishful thinking".

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Track listing:

- He Left His Heart With Me
- Don't Let Your Lips Say Yes
- Lost To A Geisha Girl
- I'm Going Steady With A Heartache
- Walk Softly Darling
- I Need You All The Time
- Wave Bye Bye
- I Ain't A Talkin'
- Slave
- Set Him Free
- Devil's Doll
- Homebreaker
- Give Me Death
- Am I That Easy To Forget
- Wishful Thinking
- I Can't Help You I'm Falling Too
- No Never
- My Last Date With You
- Someone I'd Like To Forget
- Chained To A Memory
- Standing In The Shadows
- Under Your Spell Again
- Let Those Brown Eyes Smile At Me
- Just When I Needed You
- Have You Seen This Man
- Your Cheatin' Heart
- One You
Slip Around With

Price: USD $16.00           

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