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CD D 290

RUDY SOOTER Won’t You Be My Buckaroo. B.A.C.M. 290

Selection of swinging instrumentals and vocals from a singer-songwriter who surrounded himself with top musicians of his day; for this CD we selected tracks from 1936 through to 1950.

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Track listing:

- Happy Go Lucky
- The Hills of Idaho
- Won’t You Be My Buckaroo
- The Desert Riders
- Old Boy
- Let Me Shake Your Old Cowhand
- She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain
- Panhandle Swing
- Old Joe Parker
- Headin’ For My Home In Oklahoma
- Whoa Baldy
- Back Home In Indiana
- I’m Thru Wastin Time On You
- Please Don’t Leave Me Anymore
- Cleanin’ My Rifle
- Trouble Keeps Hangin’ Round My Door
- I Cry Alone
- A Million Daisies Told Me
- Who Dug This Hole Im In
- Don’t Count Your Chickens
- I Can Tell By The Look On Your Face
- The Rooster And The Ostrich
- I Throw The Bull
- Fool That I Am
- Ida Red
- Wa-Hoo Kiss Me Again
- Horseflesh and Candles
- Get A Wiggle On
- Up the Alley with Sally '

Price: USD $19.00           

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