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CD D 644

RICKY RIDDLE – I’m A Whip Crackin’ Daddy-BACM CD 644

Many will not have had the chance of hearing Ricky Riddle before, a fine baritone voice some would see have a trailblazer for the early Eddie Arnold and Jim Reeves style of country crooning, so we have gathered up a couple of dozen of his recordings, all from the early 1950s. Good straight out country, a fresh listen to recordings you almost certainly will not be familiar with. Includes Price Of Love, a fine duet with Anita Kerr later of the Anita Kerr Singers.

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Track listing:

Second Hand Heart
- Somebody’s Been Stealin’ My Baby’s Sugar
- Ain’t You Ashamed
- Smoke Comes Out My Chimney
- Boogie Woogie Tennessee
- Price Of Love
- I’ve Got Another Fish To Fry
- Take Care
- Cold Icy Feet
- Lost
- Old Rugged Cross
- He Bought My Soul
- Does Your Heart Have A Guarantee
- I Wish I May I Might
- Heartsick
- Sun Kissed Cutie
- If Tears Were Music
- I’m So Lonesome
- What Do You Do When You’re Not Breakin’ Hearts
- You Belong To Another
- A Brand New Heart
- Steamboat Boogie
- Drivin’ Down The Wrong Side Of The Road
- I’m A Whip Crackin’ Daddy.

Price: USD $16.00           

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01-Second-Hand-Heart (1950)