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CD D 207

RED SOVINE How Do You Think I Feel. B.A.C.M. 207

Well known for sentimental tear jerkers like "Teddy Bear" and "Little Rosa" he could also do hardcore '50s honky-tonk as showcased in this 24 song collection, nice selection of songs.

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Track listing:

- My New Love Affair
- How Do You Think I Feel
- Don't Drop It
- Don't Be The One
- Outlaw
- Which One Should I Choose
- Are You Mine
- Ko Ko Mo
- I Hope You Don't Care
- I'm Glad You Found A Place For Me
- Sixteen Tons
- Missing You
- If Jesus Came To Your House
- I Got Religion The Old Time Way
- Hold Everything Till I Get Home
- The Best Years Of Your Life
- My Little Rat (Intoxicated Rat)
- A Poor Man's Riches
- Down On The Corner Of Love
- Juke Joint Johnny
- No Thanks Bartender
- Wrong
- Little Rosa
- Why Baby Why

Price: USD $16.00           

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01-My-new-love-affair (1954)

24-Why-baby-why (1955)