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CD D 655


“A fascinating mix of sounds and styles across a diverse mix of artists, all centred around the theme of cross-border western music in its various forms” (to quote from musicologist and Broadcaster Paul Hazell’s liner notes). Hazell adds “It never ceases to amaze us where the BACM team find these old recordings that they clean up so well and preserve for us record collectors and radio presenters”. Some of the artists are very obscure but there are also tracks from Tex Ritter, Rex Allen, Tommy Duncan, Spade Cooley and Red River Dave McEnery. A nice companion to our 2008 South Of The Border collection (BACM CD 221) which has been one of our best sellers over the years (and is still available!)

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Track listing:

My Heart’s Across The Border Don Paull)
- Mama Inez (Sons Of The West)
- Riding For The Rio Grande (Tune Wranglers)
- Spanish Polka (Ole Rasmussen & Nebraska Cornhuskers)
- Rancho Pillow (Coffman Sisters)
- San Antonio Rose (Tommy Duncan)
- Lo Que Digo (Tex Ritter)
- Rancho Serenade (Rodney Morris & The Missourians)
- Rio Grande Lullaby Tune Wranglers)
- In New Mexico (Stan Stone)
- Shine On New Mexico Moon (Tune Wranglers)
- Spanish Medley Of Waltzes (Jimmie Revard & The Oklahoma Playboys)
- Fiesta In San Antonio(Red River Dave McEnery)
- Cielito Lindo (Tune Wranglers)
- Spanish Cavalier (Sons Of The West)
- Border Serenade (Rex Allen & Arizona Wranglers)
- Susquehanna Waltz (Maybelle Sieger & The Sons Of The Plains)
- Texas On The Sleepy Rio Grande (Billy Oudeans & Starry Sky Boys)
- Spanish Fire Bells (Earl Songer)
- Spanish Fandango (Spade Cooley)
- My Adobe Hacienda (The Esquire Trio)
- San Antonio Rose (Eddie Smith)
- Mexican Joe (The Rhythm Harmoneers)
- New San Antonio Rose (Six Westernaires with Ralph Bass Jnr.)
- My Sweetheart Of The Rio Grande (John Lorenz with Joe Venuti’s Rangers)
- New Mexico Waltz (Jack Tex Williams)
- Cielito Lindo (The Gopher Hole Diggers).

Price: USD $19.00           

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13 Fiesta In San Antonio - Red River Dave McEnery

27 Cielito Lindo - Gopher Hole Diggers