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CD D 63


Three things sum up this artist: Small, Loud and Fine-country-singer. Here is a great selection of his late 1940s, early 50s Columbia recordings, many of them of the novelty genre.

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Track listing:

- Ill Be Back A Sunday
- Im In Love Up To My Ears
- Sign On The Highway
- If It Aint One Thing Its Another
- Then I Had To Turn Around And Get Married
- F-o-o-l-i-s-h M-e Me
- Walk Chicken Walk
- Just When I Needed You
- When That Love Bug Bites You
- Lola Lee
- Lovin Lies
- Out Of Business
- Cold Feet
- Bessie The Heifer
- It May Be Silly But Aint It Fun
- What About You
- Galvanised Washing Tub
- Ive Just Got To See You Once More
- Hot Diggity Dog
- I Wish You Didnt Love Me So Much
- They Dont Know Nothin At All
- Waitress Waitress
- Wedding Bell Waltz
- You Dont Have Love At All
- Old Country Preacher '

Price: USD $19.00           

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08 Just-When-I-Needed-You (Nashville, May-1950. Incl. Bob Moore bass, Grady Martin guitar)

21 They-Don't-Know-Nothin'-At-All (Nashville, July1951. Incl. [gt] Robbo Arrington & Thumbs Carlille and [bass] Bob Moore)