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CD D 420


Williams’ recording/ performing career stretched across six decades but it was his songwriting that ‘paid the bills’ – including country classics like “Fraulein”and “Geisha Girl”. Here is an interesting collection of 27 other self-penned songs, mostly less well known but including “Farewell Party”, a big hit for Gene Watson and “Paper face” recorded by Hank Locklin. Williams’ voice fits the songs well and some excellent session musicians also feature.

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Track listing:

- Tennessee Avenue
- Paper Face
- Throwing Kisses
- Reckon As How I Love You
- Kentucky Highway
- Alone At A Table For Two
- Just A Minute Ago
- Dying Before My Time
- No Wonder
- What Am I Supposed To Say
- Half Way To Heaven
- Everlasting Love
- That's All You Gotta Do
- Lovin' Overtime
- Away
- Dusting Off Your Love Letters
- Out Running Around
- Yoke Of Oxen
- Once Before
- Then You'll Know
- Emergency Call
- Have Mercy On Me
- There's Only One Heaven
- I Don't Care Who Knows
- Satan's Bell
- Mama Doll
- Farewell Party > > >

Price: USD $16.00           

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