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CD D 87

JOHNNY HORTON I Won’t Forget. B.A.C.M. 87

25 early 1950s recordings from this distinctively voiced singer/ songwriter (he wrote most of the songs here).

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Track listing:

- Plaid Calico
- Coal Smoke, Valve Oil And Steam
- Done Rovin'
- Mean Mean Son Of A Gun
- Devilish Love Light
- Shadows On The Old Bayou
- Talk Gobbler, Talk
- In My Home In Shelby County
- Barefoot Boy Blues
- On The Banks Of The Beautiful Nile
- It's A Long Rocky Road
- Words
- Bawlin' Baby
- Someone's Rockin, My Broken Heart
- Rhythm In My Baby's Walk
- First Train Headin' South
- Child's Side Of Life
- SS Lureline
- All For The Love Of A Girl
- The Mansion You Stole
- Two Red Lips & Warm Red Wine
- Broken Hearted Gypsy
- Move Down The Line
- Tennessee Jive
- I Won't Forget

Price: USD $16.00           

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