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CD D 256

JIMMY LONG Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine. B.A.C.M. 256

A contemporary and co-writer of songs with Gene Autry (the CD title song was one of their co-writes). This CD contains 22 excellent self-accompanied tracks from 1930/33 on guitar or steel guitar including two from daughter Beverly.

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Track listing:

- Mississippi Valley Blues
- Buddy
- Seven More Days
- Yodel Your Troubles Away
- The Old Folks Back Home
- The Old Church Choir
- Have You Found Someone Else
- Doggone Blues
- Down And Out Blues
- Lonely And Blue, Pining For You
- Watching The Clouds Roll By
- In The Cradle Of My Dreams
- The Soldiers Sweetheart
- Im Always Dreaming Of You
- The Answer To 21 Years
- My Old Cottage Home
- Two Little Orphans
- Thats Why I Left The Mountains
- My Dreaming Of You
- That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine
- Alone With My Sorrows
- When Father Was A Boy '

Price: USD $19.00           

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