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Jimmie John Fullen-589-150
CD D 589


A talented and distinctive country singer and fine songwriter, Fullen somehow missed out on making the big time beyond his local area. After army service with the 187th Airborne as a parachutist he secured recording deals with a variety of labels including DeLuxe, King and Dot scoring several minor hits with his distinctive, high-pitched country, vocal style while his compositions got recorded by the likes of Ernest Tubb, Slim Whitman, George Jones and Brenda Lee. After semi-retirement from country-performing he earned a PhD in Education and English and became active in community service.

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Track listing:

- Gonna Dirty Up My Name
- I've Gone Crazy
- No Mon, No Hon
- Betcha I'll Getcha
- The Blues, The Guitar, And Me
- Trouble On The Party Line
- My Feet 'Er Dirty
- Just Got Kids
- What Kind Of “god” Do You Think You Are
- Hello Guitar
- You Just Don't Care
- I'll Tell You Why
- They Won't Let Me Forget
- Shackled
- Not Even Friends
- I'm No Good For You
- What You've Learned To Become
- Thanks For The Heart Aches
- What's Wrong
- Frankfurter's Machine
- Fire In The House
- I'm Your Toy
- You Just Don't Care
- I Like It That Way
- They Don't Really Know Me
- Red Ball Rocket Train
- Outcast
- Daddy, Where Did I Come From
- The Soul Of A Child

Price: USD $16.00           

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