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CD D 409

JAN HOWARD – Belle Of The Ball. B.A.C.M. 409

26 tracks from her early career (1959-62), mainly songs written by her then husband Harlan Howard including the classic hits 'Pick me up on your way down' and 'The one you slip around with'.

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Track listing:

- The Real Me
- Whatcha Gonna Do For An Encore
- A World I Cant Live In
- Ive Got My Pride
- All Alone Again
- Let Me Know
- Bring It On Back To Me
- My Babys In Berlin
- Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
- I Wish I Could Fall In Love Again
- If Your Conscience Cant Stop You How Can I
- Many Dreams Ago
- The One You Slip Around With
- Dont Worry
- Funny How Time Slips Away
- Looking Back
- Padre
- Belle Of The Ball
- Everybody Loves A Lover
- This Sad Old House
- He Called Me Baby
- They Listened While You Said Goodbye
- Youd Better Go
- My Destiny
- Heartaches By The Number
- Tomorrow You Wont Even Know My Name '

Price: USD $19.00           

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03-A-world-I-can't-live-in (1960, composed Roger-Miller)

26-Tomorrow-you-won't-even-know-my-name (1962, composed Harlan Howard)