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CD D 318

JAMES O’GWYNN Muleskinner Blues. B.A.C.M. 318

A contemporary of George Jones, Eddie Noack and Claude Gray in the famed 'D' label in the late '50s, This selection of recordings from the late '50s/early '60s showcases his easy going style (smacks of Texas and Oklahoma bar-rooms although born in Mississippi). A talented singer/songwriter who made many donations of publicity and other materials to the Archive over the years for which we are deeply grateful. Yet another example of a great talent written out of the history books whose music deserves to be heard and brought to the attention of new audiences.

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Track listing:

- Changeable
- Talk To Me Lonesome Heart
- Blue Memories
- You Don't Want To Hold Me
- Muleskinner Blues
- Who Will Be The Next One
- I Cry
- Do You Miss Me
- Two Little Hearts
- You've Always Won
- How Can I Think Of Tomorrow
- Were You Ever A Stranger
- Trying To Forget You
- Take The Last Look
- Easy Money
- Tears Of Tomorrow
- Someone Sweet To Love
- That's All I Got From You
- I Won't Love You Anymore
- You're Too Easy To Remember
- Bottle Talk
- Love In The Old Fashioned Way
- Your Love Is Strong But Your Heart Is Weak
- Ready For Freddy
- I Wish You Wuz My Darling But You Ain't
- Love Made Me Slave [sic]
- Another Falling Tear
- House Of Blue Lovers

Price: USD $16.00           

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01 Changeable

20 You're Too Easy To Remember