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CD D 625

JACK HUNT & His Rhythm Ranch Hands BACM CD 625

A fine country honker tonker with a deep drawl vocal style somewhat in the Ernest Tubb mould. BACM’s CD features most of Jack's recording output (Capitol, late 1940s and MGM, mid 50s) and includes covers of some of the popular country songs of the era including Send Me The Pillow I Dream on and Candy Kisses. Fine musicians including his brother, multi instrumentalist Little Joe Hunt, later acclaimed as ‘America’s fastest banjo player’ and who played on some of Jim Reeves’ Abbot sessions. Thanks to Ken Coffee, Dave Sichak (of ) and Al Turner for the research work and liner notes.

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Track listing:

- Sombreros In The Sun
- Gee! You Must Have Fun In Hurting Me
- Those Naggin Blues
- My Valley Heaven
- When You Told Me Good Bye
- That Beaver Valley Sweetheart Of Mine
- 07 Take Me In Your Arms (And Hold Me)
- Mama And Daddy Broke My Heart
- All I Do Is Sit And Cry
- How Can I Lie To My Heart
- They Tell Me Its Wrong
- Triflin On Me
- (Are Those) Tears In Your Eyes
- I Loved You Better Than You Knew
- I Learned My Lesson From You
- Postage Due
- Send Me The Pillow (That You Dream On)
- Standing Outside
- You Must Be Born Again
- How Do You Stand In With Your Lord
- We Will Serve The Lord
- Ill Fly Away (Some Golden Day)
- Heavens Radio Station
- Grand National Polka'

Price: USD $19.00           

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