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CD D 406

HI-FLYERS 1937–1941. B.A.C.M. 406

Pioneering early jazz-tinged western-swing, emerged from Texas at the dawn of the Great Depression.

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Track listing:

- Five Piece Band
- Jealous
- Making A Baby From Georgia
- Down The Trail
- Home On The Range
- Old Tobacco Mill
- Static Stomp
- Draggin' The Bow
- Out Near The Rainbow’s End
- Don't Say Goodbye
- I'll Get By
- Let's Spend The Night In Hawaii
- That's Why I Sigh And Cry
- I'll Never Let You Cry
- The Honky Tonk Jump
- Dark Bedroom Blues
- I'm Sorry Now
- You’ll Never Admit You’re Sorry
- Osage Indian Girl
- There's Another One Waiting
- Our Last Goodnight
- You've Broken My Heart, Dear
- You Cant Do That To Me
- What Do I Do Now
- I Know The Reason Why

Price: USD $16.00           

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02-Jealous (vocal Willie-Wells. 1937)

25-I-know-the-reason-why (vocal-Buster-Ferguson.1941)